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DRF Story - Funny!

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Default DRF Story - Funny!

Buddy relayed this story ... his crew on trip with layover ... Capt and crew arrive at ramp after layover with unexpected extra jet on the ramp. Interesting, hmmm ... GOC/CRS launched a PM O/B to this location. F/O on RB and Capt on DRF. Capt is a NM and less than 3 weeks from Age 65 retirement. All about him - not surprising.

Crew arrives to same jet the O/B crew delivered. Cockpit is TRASHED. Crap everywhere in cockpit and in j/s area. Food, towlettes, trash, empty/partial water bottles. New Capt is ****ED! Disappointed and ****ed.

Exits cockpit and has an intense chat with O/B DRF Capt. You can imagine how that went. NM Capt doesn't give a crap (standard). My buddy WEARS HIS A-- OUT in a professional manner (need more of this)

We need to take care of bizness within the crew force people.
The collective will of the crew force will take care of our contract.
The MEC and NC aren't getting it done without US.

Of course, it's a personal decision to fly or not to fly.
Freedom of choice.
But you are always accountable ...

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You had me at "buddy."
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Any chance you can translate that story into english?
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Pablo Chacone lit him up....
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Originally Posted by myoface View Post
Any chance you can translate that story into english?
Maybe I'm just the village idiot but, I had no problem comprehending what he said!
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Made sense to me.
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I got the story, but I didn't see the "funny" part. To me it is disgusting that a fellow crew member would leave a cockpit trashed. And you shouldn't rely on some ramp person to have to clean it up either.
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Originally Posted by myoface View Post
Any chance you can translate that story into english?
I thought I was the only one!
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For those not in the know...

DRF = Draft, or premium flying. 150% pay. Frowned on now at FDX, because of where we are in contract negotiations.

NM = Non-Member. Applicable to any airline. An independent contractor.

So this guys buddy shows up at the ramp after his layover to find an unexpected, extra jet there. The crew that flew that jet in consisted of an FO on reserve and a NON-MEMBER Captain on Premium Pay. Said NON-MEMBER on DRAFT PAY trashed the cockpit and left it that way.

OP's buddy tongue-lashed said NON-MEMBER.

Good on him, I say.
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Sounded like a scene from Airplane! where that white woman was speaking jive.
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