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Originally Posted by motorclutch View Post
David Speaks was fired from Mesa for questionable reasons. He then was hired by pilot hater B Gray at ABX. Speaks attempted to destroy our CBA by his arbitrary scheduling practices. Speaks cost ABX millions in attorney fees for grievances and arbitrations. Ask him why he left and he will deny getting fired....but witnesses in management cut ties with his ethics because the cesspool was backing up on them. You guys have a true winner at Swift.

Well he’s still there...... somehow.
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It’s well known that Crews will be offered incentives to work on their days off but to be offered money to violate 117 regulations, if true is inexcusable. I would suggest that any Crew who is offered money to break any regulations should obviously refuse and then submit an ASAP report. If you are flying with a Captain or an FO who you know is violating 117 regs you must refuse the flight and file an ASAP report. Again if these allegations are true the pilot group as a whole must make it clear to whoever is violating regulations that it is unacceptable and if need be put the violators on your no fly list.
The company will be under some scrutiny due to recent events and if these violations are happening the FAA will probably be talking to these morons.
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Really? This is a scumbag operator. Do you really think anyone is going to speak up. Advice : get out of there before you get a blemish on your record.
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If they don’t speak up they’re crazy, ASAPs involve the FAA, if it is happening an ASAP report will end it immediately
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Not so. Only in dream world. Some of these guys can’t get another flying job!
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So far there are zero rumors of a pay raise.
Due to this a lot of people are seeking other employment
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I can only confirm what the OP has stated.
Swift will actually benefit from you getting a violation as you’ll have to stay longer.
We went through 3 chief pilots in a year. They find some skeleton in the closet and they bail.
Swift “management” is a complex mix of former Skylease/Centurion/Dynamic.
One of them alledgedly got canned at Skylease then gotten a job at Swift by a buddy. Real set of winners.
I got on the wrong side of David Speaks right after OE and suffered the remaining time at Swift because of it.
Sitting reserve at your base without per diem while new hires are getting 3-4 day out of town trips.
Handful of really good people at Swift that are there and stay there for their own reasons.
The rest can’t get a job anywhere else because of personality issues or a ding on their certificate.
Lot of blue falcons too.
Captains calling Scheduling to get another captain taken off a trip to get themselves put on.
‘Put me in or I will not sign any duty extensions this month’
Sat right next to that very conversation.
Think sugar runs and VIP charters.
One of their LCA’s is a vengeful mysogynistic bigot who’s proud of his nickname Yosemite Sam.
Hates women, minorities, gays and immigrants. Thinks he’s Gods gift to the 737 and you’re not a real pilot unless you’ve flown the 727.
You know the type.
He’s one of the original scabs too.
Is a complete douchebag to new hires unless you’re one of the good ol’ boys yet he kept rubberstamping their weakest Captain who’s got no business sitting left seat on linechecks.
Sat next to that one too....
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Originally Posted by TiredSoul View Post
and you’re not a real pilot unless you’ve flown the 727
This part sounds reasonable... the rest sounds like an absolute nightmare.
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Originally Posted by TiredSoul View Post
. . . . and you’re not a real pilot unless you’ve flown the 727.
Music to my ears!!
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I’m surprised this place is still up and running
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