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Old 04-02-2020, 10:14 AM   #11  
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Glad you're on the up & up Motch. This place has been lame without you!

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Old 04-02-2020, 10:21 AM   #12  
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Glad you are doing better Motch! Thanks for the post.
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Hope your recovery is quick. Take care
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Glad youíre getting better!

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Glad youíre on the mend Motch!
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Wow, Motch.

Glad you are feeling better and hopefully you'll be back in the air soon.
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Old 04-02-2020, 11:29 AM   #17  
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Keep that recovery going. Glad youíre doing better now.
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Old 04-02-2020, 11:45 AM   #18  
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Great news Motch! Glad youíre back!
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Old 04-02-2020, 12:02 PM   #19  
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Originally Posted by horrido27 View Post
So, last Wed (25 Mar) I dialed 911 in the morning after coughing up blood.
I had been coughing, ever so litely since 16 Mar. Went to the doc on that Wed (18th) and was given a ZPac and some cough medicine. Doc joked that I was here a year ago for the same reason!

Well, by Saturday night the cough got really bad and I started to feel a little warm. But didn't really have all the the "known" symptoms.
By Mon/Tues I knew something was wrong.
Guys, for me it was the cough. VERY deep, painful. To the point where I started to cough up blood.
So when I saw the blood (and it was always very light...) on Wed morning after a 5 mins cough spout, I made the call.

EVERYONE'S experience seems to be different. After getting to the ER, they put my in a positive pressure room. The one doc I saw for less than a minute mentioned about getting the tests and going back home.
Not sure if I told him to **** off, but my temp was 102.5!
She knew I wasn't going home....

Admitted into a room that morning. And then the fun really began.
For 3 days they would hook me up to an antibiotic IV drip. One was 20 mins, one was 1 hr. It helped but temp would go up and down till Sunday.
At some point (lost track of days) I got a 2nd chest X Ray. First one was in the ER.
This X Ray showed lungs consistent with CV19.
Then they decided to start me on the Malaria meds, even though the test results still weren't back.
Taking the last malaria dose today (from Home).

Yesterday my test results came back. Yupe, took 1 week to get the results!
But, since my fever had subsided since Sunday AND I have no underlying health issues (though.. need to loose 20 pounds!), they agreed to let me go home.

Now, 2 weeks isolation. Great neighbors already bringing me food and supplies.

I'm putting this out there cause chances are, we're all gonna get it.
I always expected to get it, just never expected to catch it on the front end, lol.
My last trip was TXL on the 7th. No one from the crew is sick.

No idea where I caught it. It truly is a hidden enemy.
Company has been GREAT.
Fabian checked up on me every day when I told him.. Corp Medical has also reached out.

Guys and Gals, these are crazy stressful times. Be Safe out there and if/when you catch it.. it'll be a rough week but it will (hopefully) get better.
I see tons of threads about company/union **** on here but to be honest, in the big scheme of things.. some of it is probably minutia.
Focus on your Family... you friends.. your neighbors and co-workers.

I look forward to getting back into the cockpit next month (May). Local guy so will gladly fly so you commuters/and or family guys don't have to.

Stay Strong, Stay Healthy

take care yourself
good news after all I would say
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Old 04-02-2020, 12:13 PM   #20  
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So Iíve never posted on APC. Been lurking for years. Glad you are better Motch what a crazy story!! You mentioned malaria drug? Was it chloroquine? Do you and your docs think it helped? I hope this doesnít hijack this thread with ridiculous opinions. Iím asking a person who has first hand knowledge a serious question The answer could actually help end this.
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