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Old 03-16-2018, 06:20 AM
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Default international jumpseat

Trying to get to SCL Chile in about a week and am debating the merits of using one of my spirit passes vs listing for a jumpseat. There is about 10 seats left currently so it could go either way in terms of getting a seat in the back.

Havent jumpseated international before but my understanding is that it can only be on Delta flights and we need to list 75 mins before and show up early, any more stipulations than that??

So couple questions

The flight is on a 767, do they have one or 2 jumpseats? Curious since there would obviously be a 3rd crew member in the jumpseat for this flight

Is it bad etiquette to jumpseat on long international legs or are crews usually ok with it?

If it worked out to save my spirit passes I would probably just use them to get my wife from A-B next time we took a trip together rather than using one for each of us.
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Old 03-16-2018, 07:16 AM
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2 jumpseats on all our 767s. Wouldn't be a bad idea...especially if the flight is weight restricted since you count in the BOW as a jumpseater and can't be bumped off if you pre-list.
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Old 03-16-2018, 08:03 AM
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Iíve done it several times. Itís no problem. Donít underestimate how badly it sucks to be up on the flight deck all night long though, while the other 3 are doing their break rotations, and have the lights on trying to stay awake. You wonít be doing much sleeping.

It helps to make an effort to properly introduce yourself to the purser as well - donít do it as an afterthought like typically happens domestically. He/she may take pity on you and toss up an extra meal. On a rare occasion Iíve been offered (I never ask) to use the extra bunk during the FAís second break. There are 5 bunks on the ER and usually 9 FAs, so there may be a couple hours where 1 bunk is not being used. Be courteous and realize that the bunk is their space - we are generally not welcome down there, so nice manners and chocolates go a long way.

Youíre right about the 75 minute thing. Get there extra early, especially for the return leg. Even better if you can meet the pilots/FAs in the E lounge briefing room when leaving ATL so they can all see your smiling face at once.

Leaving SCL there will probably be taxes due, which you would pay at the ticket counter when you check in. Havenít been to scl in 5-6 years, but back then you couldnít even get to security without being cleared by the agent.
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Old 03-16-2018, 08:11 AM
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Have you looked at Altas/Polar or Kalita to see if they go to a location nearby? I jump seated on them a year or so ago and it was a great experience. PM me if you have any questions.
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