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Interview prep tailored for Delta

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Originally Posted by FangsF15
He is entitled to ask questions here.
Some people’ children. Seriously.

I used Raven. I liked my experience there and felt pretty well prepared for an interview. They (and I) overlooked that I transposed two digits on my resume. Other than that, they were good.
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Originally Posted by 80knotsV1rotate
I used Raven for app review and interview prep a year ago and they nailed it for me.
Same. I experienced very comprehensive 1-on-1 training with Raven and would highly recommend them, particularly if one has a more complex background than the typical young-20s, collegitate CFI-to-regional type of background. The manner in which a more complex background should be discussed in the interview requires more forethought than I originally would have considered.
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Counterpoint ….

the bigs are the bigs for a reason.
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Originally Posted by feelthebern
Thanks all.

To everyone recommending Checked and Set, what have you heard of Raven Career's app review? I hear consensus Checked and Set typically, but have heard a lot of good about Raven as well.
highly recommend aero crew solutions. Scott knows his stuff and it’s extremely personalized one on one from a delta guy.
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I apologize for not having an interview prep company recommendation, it's been a while for me.

I do have a couple of book recommendations that are probably already listed in other forums, but just in case this is early in your interview prep, read as many interview prep books as you can find.

Every interview prep service will use questions similar to the books' question examples. The more prepared you are from reading books, the less time you'll spend paying for prep. Buy a couple $20 books that you can read over and over to save yourself $ hearing the same questions from the prep services. Then the prep services can help you tweek your presentation and delivery instead of pulling the initial information out of you.

Checklist for Success by Cheryl Cage
The Complete Airline Pilot Interview Work Book by Sasha Robinson
Questions, Questions (can't remember who wrote it. It used to come in the AirInc interview prep service. (yes, I just dated myself))
How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie (Not aviation, but an amazing book for CRM and Leadership)
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RST is also one of the top companies.. Lots of friends used them with great results.
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Originally Posted by 123456
RST is also one of the top companies.. Lots of friends used them with great results.
I can vote for RST as well. Tito and his team are great!
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