DAL Class drops

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These small hiring numbers mean no fair again?
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[QUOTE=crewdawg;2762886]Ya, I'm in the military with civil servants.

Did you hear about that TSA guy that got fired recently?

Me either.

I watched a squadron secretary do absolutely nothing for over 14 years and every commander tried to fire her. None had any success. She literally did nothing. Finally, one commander was able to get her to "retire" based on her web searches.
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That is brilliant.
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Default GS firings

As a squadron commander, I got a civil servant fired. Shortly thereafter, the other one I was trying to rehabilitate or discharge elected to retire early.

I started the process by going to the union reps on base. Their response was, “Oh yeah, we’ve known those two were worthless for a long time? You want to know how to get them removed from service? Ok then, let’s sit down and discuss the process”.

My next visits were to the Civilian Personnel Office and the JAG to verify what the union told me. It took about 5 months and a little extra time documenting their failure to perform the duties of their job description.

Both were replaced with fantastic people.
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Default Fired!

I am a retired civil servant. I saw one person fired in 22 years. Took a boss who wanted to do it and bother documenting it. The guy completely deserved it. He ran a round for years cussing and berating anybody he felt like.
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Originally Posted by tomgoodman View Post
Just hope this new dog doesn’t learn the old tricks.
I now proclaim that the 737 is the “guppy puppy”
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My dad was Civil Service HR. He got a half a dozen people fired over 20 years. Took a Herculean Effort to do it. Most people just don’t want to do all that extra work. No extra money or rewards for someone who gets all the paperwork and documentation, then deal with all the appeals.
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Today’s drop?
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Originally Posted by Bleeds On View Post
Today’s drop?
I can guess.

NYC 73N- x 600

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Originally Posted by clear4approach View Post
I can guess.

NYC 73N- x 600

+/- 592!
8x 737
4x 717
...all NYC (not that that was ever in question).
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