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Looking for latest Endeavor interview gouge. >

Looking for latest Endeavor interview gouge.

Endeavor Air Regional Airline

Looking for latest Endeavor interview gouge.

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Originally Posted by SWA Bubba View Post
Just show up idiot.
A monkey can get hired at the regionals right now.
Not helpful at all, although somewhat true. Aviation interviews.com and a good attitude are all you need. Just be yourself and remember they want to hire you!
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Originally Posted by prex8390 View Post
Funny link but you didn't spell ENDEAVOR right... C'mon man
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Phone Screening
Sent my application Sunday night, got a call Monday morning afternoon. Inquired to basic questions about my flight time and training, if I qualified for restricted 1000 or 1250 hr. went down the list of documents I had (1st class medical, FCC license, ATP written etc.). Asked about speeding tickets, any check ride failures, and then set up date. They usually do Monday or Tuesday and I got to pick the date.

Company paid for round trip ticket flying out of ATL at 1800 and coming back Monday night. Endeavor puts you up in Holiday Inn Eagan and there is a shuttle that will take you from airport to hotel and hotel to interview location. Just need to call them ahead of time or be willing to wait 15-20 min if calling them from the curb. Breakfast is included.

Interview is supposed to start at 730 so I scheduled the hotel shuttle to drop me off at 7am. Waited with 2 other applicants. One was a CFI from UND and the other was a CFI who had tried the Envoy Pipeline Program. We all 3 sat in conference room and they request our documents(Resume, FAA Licenses, Driver Licenses, Passport, Medical certificate, FCC radio License, ATP written, Restricted ATP document from school, Logbook tabbed with every stage check and Checkride, PRIA which has to get notarized beforehand, Transcripts,) and they gave us a form to order lunch(different types of sandwiches) 2 Senior Captain gave us a complete briefing of the company for an hour and emphasized heavily that while there were growing pains things are much better, moral is way up and the company is night and day different than a couple of years ago. We were then brought to a corner room/cubicle that was set up as a waiting area for all guest. Had water, Delta cookies and peanuts and a little library of endeavor’s company magazine. They grabbed the envoy guy first to start interview and about 20 min later I was next.
The panel consisted of a 10 year CA and an HR representative Very relaxed atmosphere to the point where the captain told me I could take my suit jacket off and went so far to come around to help me take it off and put it on the chair. They went through resume and application focusing on training, my academic history and asked me:
• “Tell me about yourself how did you get from France to flight training to this office at endeavor but the catch is you have to say within 2 minutes.”
• Why is a carburated aircraft engine more susceptible to icing?
• How did you deal with customer complaint? I started with Walmart answer and then he asked if I had anything aviation related.
• Have you ever failed a Checkride? What happened?
• Hardest decision you have had to make in aviation
• Brief ILS/Loc RWY 18R KCVG (you can choose either Jepp charts or government plates) but be aware they had a huge binder and they picked one of 10 approaches so don’t plan on this one.
• Read this metar and TAF, what does BR stand for and why is it spelled that way( I assumed its cause I’m French they asked) do I need alternate airport
• Speeds in and under Bravo
• How does Icing affect the wings
• How would your student rate you as an instructor
• Have you ever missed any days of work, how did you deal with your students?
• How would your boss rate you as a worker, how would he rate you from a technical standpoint?
• Tell us about CRM and when you had to use it (told story about landing in KATL
• Why do you want to work for Endeavor?
• Is endeavor your number one choice (I told them it was third and explained I had CJO with xjet and multiple other interviews.)
I was brought back out to waiting area and Envoy guy was there too, so was UND CFI. 5 min later the HR guy comes back and ask to see me again. They debrief the interview and offer me CJO. CA leaves and Hr rep and I talked a bit more and then escort me back to waiting area. After another 5 min or so he comes to bring me back to do additional paperwork, fingerprinting, schedule drug testing (you can either walk or they offer a taxi. I opted to walk). Afterward they hand you folder with additional paperwork, a voucher so that a taxi can bring you to airport.

I was done with interview by 1130 and after drug testing back to airport by 1230, never did get that sandwich. Be honest and forthcoming about everything whether it’s interviewing multiple places, speeding tickets and it seems to work out well.
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Thanks guys,
I got the job. I start December 14th.
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Originally Posted by GHogie View Post
Thanks guys,
I got the job. I start December 14th.
Congrats, See you at the airport sometime!
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