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Old 11-30-2018, 11:46 AM   #11  
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I have had similar issues as others have mentioned above. I used the link in the email I was sent announcing the new pilot portal to ask a question and the email was sent back as undeliverable. There are more than a few issues with the new app.

It can be pretty challenging to make sure all your information is complete and accurate on any application. It is near impossible when your information is changed or altered every time you press save. Hope this gets remedied soon. I'm almost afraid to submit the app because I'm not sure if boxes have been checked or unchecked, or dates moved without my noticing it. It's super frustrating ......."SERENITY NOW"
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Old 11-30-2018, 11:53 AM   #12  
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Recommend going through every single section again. I have found tons of errors. Also, they migrated my data at least 1+ week ago, updates I made last week are not in the new information.
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Old 11-30-2018, 12:44 PM   #13  
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I ended up having to redo my work history and hours from scratch, it was the only way to clear out the errors. Good luck, ladies and gents.
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Old 11-30-2018, 12:56 PM   #14  
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While some folks predict single- and unmanned aircraft that rely greatly on AI in the "foreseeable" future, especially for cargo, Purple somehow cannot manage to avoid launching a simple on-line application platform riddled with coding bugs.
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Old 11-30-2018, 01:39 PM   #15  
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To be fair, it looks like this is through Workday which, based on my experience, specializes in screwing up HR Systems.
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Old 11-30-2018, 02:54 PM   #16  
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Originally Posted by IFlyThings View Post
I ended up having to redo my work history and hours from scratch, it was the only way to clear out the errors. Good luck, ladies and gents.
Same, My employment history also had to be redone because they said the dates were not in sequence even though they were. And if you donít have 10 years worth completed you canít even save .
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Old 11-30-2018, 06:32 PM   #17  
Not a real airline pilot
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New & improved? Not even close.

The new website is an abortion. Just went through a buddy's app tonight, attempting to help him find and correct the myriad errors in the data "sync" that occurred from pilotcredentials. All I can say is wow. The data entry on the new site is incredibly hard to comprehend, and the drop down menus contain many choices that make no sense (my previous employer is frickin Flight Instructor or Air Force? Really?)

I kept losing track of which academic degree, or address the page was actually referencing because there is NO delineation between entries, everything just flows together in an indiscernible garbage format. The giant spacing in between the entry fields makes each page approximately 7 miles long. WTF. A year one web designer is taught to efficiently conserve space and take a look at the big picture. This was designed through a soda straw.

When pilots are asked to show attention to detail with every small item in a crazy airline app, we do it. When the app itself looks like it was constructed by a drunk 3rd grader, it's impossible to know if you've published (did it publish because I checked the Active box on the first page, or because I clicked publish at the end of the app?), 404 errors after it didn't correctly save changes, it honestly turns people off to coming to FedEx. This (like the Vector app) went live without the correct beta testing.

Friends spent days and weeks getting every detail correct on pilotcredentials, then without warning are never allowed to see that app again as the new website ****s all over the new app and created a nightmare of errors. Hopefully you had saved a pdf print of the PC app before this ****show went live and crushed all your hard work. If you did, it was pure luck, not because there was any notification from PC or FDX that a massive storm was coming.

I'm ****ed. It's honestly embarrassing. I tell guys what a good deal it is to fly for FedEx, all they have to do is endure the buffoonery of HR's initial thrust. There are some great people working in HR, so how does this crap go public?

/rant off
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Old 11-30-2018, 07:43 PM   #18  
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Is anyone surprised by this new IT feat?
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Old 12-01-2018, 05:46 AM   #19  
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This new site is beyond frustrating
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Old 12-01-2018, 06:41 AM   #20  
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As part of the continual IT upgrades and improvements occurring within FedEx Express, a new and improved pilot applicant portal dubbed Pilot Careers goes live today, Nov. 29, 2018.

The new URL for Pilot Careers:
Pilot Careers is replacing the site and is the new source for pilot job seekers to apply for a pilot career at FedEx Express and current FedEx Express crew members to submit a personal endorsement (PE) on a candidate.

During the transition to Pilot Careers, PEs will be processed through Insite, keyword: Endorsement. The PE functionality in the new site is scheduled to go live late-January 2019.

Pilot Careers is designed to increase efficiencies, improve user functionality and better integrate with Workday and other FedEx IT systems.

Questions or issues using Pilot Careers can be directed to [email protected]

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