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Old 08-28-2015, 06:07 AM   #241  
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Originally Posted by Raptor View Post
I hear what you're saying and respect your opinion. But, I think a large component of our TA compensation is what WE think we're worth...not what the economy thinks we're worth. I really think it's up to us to individually decide how unhappy we are with the current CRS games and many other factors.

A good or bad economy didn't bring us to this TA. The company did it themselves by mismanagement of the crew force and the pilots individually did it because of the loss of goodwill. Standing behind our negotiators and union has always been the key. The company looks right past the negotiators and MEC and sees what the crew force thinks/does. That's why companies in negotiations do direct dealing, direct communication, and such so often.

The pilots will determine if this TA is good enough. I frankly don't think the economy has much to do with it unless it gets extreme. Passing on a poor TA this time, we can still get a better TA that we deserve by our resolve. I'm hoping the company recognized this and our fears of the rumors of pi$$ poor raises is a false rumor. We'll see what value the TA brings and make our decision....unless the MEC sends it back (which would shorten the process to more negotiations than sending it to the pilots for rejection).
Well said Raptor.
I've never met a collective group of professionals with a lower sense of self worth. I'm tired of seeing these posts with the underlying theme of " that's the best we can do right now", "if we strike, that leads to another set of challenges". The company will give us exactly what the weakest 51% of us think we're worth, pathetic.
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Old 08-28-2015, 09:14 AM   #242  
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Originally Posted by IrishSkies View Post
"... The company will give us exactly what the weakest 51% of us think we're worth, pathetic." .
At first glance, you appear to be correct.
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Old 08-28-2015, 12:20 PM   #243  
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6 year contract plus it will take 2-3 years minimum to get another contract. I think it will be closer to 10 years than 7 years. Record profits, new aircraft, growth, pilot shortage, new efficiencies from optimization, and our failures in past contracts (like giving up city purity, accepted fares failures) I refuse to accept another contract extension. I demand a contract with real pay and quality of life improvements. Do what you want but I'm not falling for them calling the back pay they owe me a bonus plus another contract extension enough. Uncap retirement, 5 more years of service to age 65--how about another week of vacation, how about up to 30 years of service for our multiplier. Plus a 10% pay raise is a mere cost of living raise, I need at least 15% to even think about voting yes. Plus I want better work rules, better deadhead rules, better accepted fares and improved protection for trips and reasonable reserve rules. I like my job, but I am seeing management erode it gradually right beneath my feet. It is time for me to make a stand. I hope other crewmembers will not just listen to Union and their road show sales pitches. Don't sell me, just tell me and I'll make up my own mind.
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Old 08-28-2015, 01:01 PM   #244  
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Originally Posted by TonyC View Post

Yepp, either way, I see a very large group of retirement-ready folks pulling the plug when we get a TA, and I think The Company must fear the possibility, even the probability of not being able to man all the jets.

Fair to mediocre TA, and lots of loiterers will kick themselves for waiting so long to retire. A good or better TA, and lots of part-timers will pat themselves on the back for sticking it out, stick around just long enough to grab a signing bonus, and ride off into the sunset. Either way, jets will quickly outnumber captains.

Any one-time bonus to get us beyond peak will only kick the can down the road a bit. We need something more durable to stabilize the departures and give The Company the predictability it craves.

My suggestion: give the pilot a financial incentive to announce his retirement in advance. The pilot gives 1 year notice of planned retirement, he receives one amount, 6 months notice is rewarded with 60% of that amount, 3 months gets 30%. The amount? Why not tap into the deferred compensation the pilot has already earned? The pilot has already earned his sick leave and disability account, and The Company already carries that on its balance sheet as a liability. Why not let the pilot have what he has already earned?

The Company gets relief from the uncertainty of when a pilot will retire, and the pilot gets the money he has already earned. Additionally, The Company gets a more productive pilot in his final months and weeks. Some might call this a Win-Win-Win.

Of course, unforseen circumstances or life events might require the pilot to change his mind about his planned retirement date, so he gets a chance to retire sooner or later, but he might forfeit the benefit of early declaration. If the new date is later than the original, he still has a chance to declare and receive the "retirement announcement bonus." However, if he decides to retire sooner, he may only be able to receive the RAB for a shorter announcement-retirement term.

There are probably other solutions, but until a real solution is implemented, The Company has a strong motivation to delay the deal.

Well, they got part of it correct.

50 cents or less on the dollar, and you have to stay through peak. Nice try. Next.

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Old 08-29-2015, 06:41 AM   #245  
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This pilot group deserves much better ..........
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Old 08-29-2015, 07:25 AM   #246  
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Originally Posted by tennesseeflyboy View Post
This pilot group deserves much better ..........
The industry deserves much better. One thing is blatantly obvious, that management at each of these airlines is collusion with one another to keep this profession from moving forward.
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