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Default follow up

Originally Posted by bklynbacon View Post
I applied to the AA cadet academy and did the entire process. It was highly selective, but a good barometer to see company culture. You're interviewing them, as much as they interview you. Out of 2500 applicants, I was in the first group of 9 candidates. I have several questions on how they are going to compensate you, if i'm eligible for that $20K bonus like cadets, etc. We will see how it shakes out over the next few weeks, as they make their decision on me and the others. They were up front, and said that it is very fluid, and they're working out the kinks as well.
Hey there! Curious if you found out about any tuition reimbursement/signing bonuses through completion of the AA cadet academy. Iím currently debating between that and atp as well.
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Originally Posted by Nemack View Post
Hey pilotlindsay! I just applied for the aa cadet academy, I'm 33 with already around 30 hours flewn on a Cessna and I'm a flight attendant for aa, do I have any chance? I would be interested in attending their school in Pompeo beach I see they have classes at american flyers
Hey Nemack, Iím also a flight attendant looking into the cadet academy or atp. Wondering how your application went. And if they offer tuition reimbursement or signing bonuses when ready for the regionals.
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Default Cost

The "cost" associated with the AA program isn't any different than the costs of pursuing on your own, other than there is a loan involved. The difference between doing on your own, or going with Jet Blue, is that AA provides the loan to cover your expenses which is then deferred while you pursue your flight hours AND until you get a job. That's what makes that program unique. If you can afford the training and the time to get your hours without a loan, that's great, but the cost of entry to becoming a pilot is expensive and prohibitive to many and the aim of the program is to help overcome that knowing that there is a pending shortage of pilots.

Originally Posted by FlightLevel350 View Post
I would find out if with the AA Academy you still get the new hire bonus. I donít know the answer to this, but if you donít then that is not very good so long as regionals continue to offer them. If it gets to the point where most of them do away with them and simply restructure their hourly compensation then I wouldnít worry about that so much.

It seems to me that the AA Academy just like the JetBlue one, drags on for a while. They stick you to their timeline and charge a ton of money for it. I also donít think that they are highly selective, giving them no prestige. If you qualify for the loan you pretty much get in, and once youíre in if you canít hack it they throw you out but this goes for anything in aviation. If you canít hack the material or the actual flying you simply donít move on to the next step, same as in any mom and pop flight school.

ATP does offer speed plus with them you are able to get that new hire bonus. Which with some regionals can be up to 20k towards paying off that big loan. Like I said, Iím not sure that AA offers this. When I skimmed their website I didnít see any of that. Perhaps they do offer it.

You should look online at some of the reviews of ATP, itís also not very hard to do the math and figure out the true cost per flight hour.

The thing that is also very dumb about ATP is that they are against you holding a job while in training. This is 9 months without even a little part time job which if you havenít saved money to survive that time period, it only adds to your debt. They also say that this is because itís a very involved program which it is but the real reason is that your schedule must be completely open so that they can fit you in according to theirs. Which is fine, but again, for 90k itís not that fine. They also encourage that before starting you study ahead and take almost all your written exams. Which any responsible student would of course do, but again, with a great portion of the ground stuff out of the way why canít we hold a little part time job? Oh, thatís right. Itís that ATP schedule.

Lastly, Iím of the belief that given the proper information, people can do anything they want with their money. There is really nothing wrong with entering a program like ATP or one of the newer academies. Iíve made plenty of decisions in my life where I know itís not the best economical decision, but Iím able to point at a sum and say Iím over paying here but that fine since itís something that I need now or itís my best option at the moment. The key is having the information to make an informed decision.

For example, itís difficult to get a loan. If ATP offers you one, great. AA Academy advertises to be even more loan friendly to young people. Thatís great as well. When you look at a long term pilot career. Perhaps attaining more debt early on is offset by better seniority and money later in life.

I can go on and on. There is really no right and wrong answer.

As for myself, my plan is to find a school which allows me to get my ratings in a timely manner for a price range around 45k. Iíve been studying as much as I can, all while managing to put away around 15k for training. That leaves a loan of about 30k. A regional bonus should technically cover at least half of that. Regardless, 30k is a smaller loan. When you triple that, due to interest alone you end up that much deeper in the hole. Anyways, I feel like writing a book here. Haha... best of luck mate!
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Originally Posted by UberPilot View Post
Hahaha. This is a no brainer. If you go the ATP you will save about 15-20 grand.

I just finished the ATP program myself. Took me about 7 months. I stood ahead of schedule with my instructor. (The 9 months is just their syllabus and is a general rule). These other school would be way more expensive and take longer. Plus, their aircraft will not be as new as ATPís. Every archer I flew was a 2015 or newer with glass panel.

Since ATP Instructor pay is crap, I just left to instruct at a better flight school once I graduated. Then, signed up for Envoyís cadet program. (Choose a different regional if you want. I just liked their domiciles the best)
where do you teach? I heard the ATP was just rushing through, with 80K in loan
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You're counting on a regional bonus to pay off debt - better verify how the bonus #'s are arrived at, and how any cash portion of it is paid (up front, after 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, etc.)

Also IMO, ATP is pretty pricey.
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