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Default 141 2/4 Year schools and Pt 61 time

I never seem to get a straight answer from any of these schools. They all admit that you cannot apply for their flight programs with anything higher than a Private ticket. I understand completely that in order to comply for a RATP ticket for reduced hours (1000/1250) an individual must log ground and flight instruction for both Instrument and Commercial certificates. After obtaining those two certificates, can an individual obtain their own Commercial AMEL ticket under FAR 61? How does an individual add up their flight time obtained under FAR 61 rules? How much flight time can you count towards the Instrument and Commercial ticket? I spoke with a FAA Inspector and I was under the impression that you could count up to 25% Part 61 flight time towards the next higher certificate sought under Part 141. Anyone out there dealt with this issue before?
Thanks, CD9
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1. In order to qualify for R-ATP you must graduate from an approved university's 141 flight operations program. That includes the Flight Ops degree (whatever they happen to call it) and a CPL. To the best of my knowledge you must complete the IR and CPL within that program. That means if you already have an IR and/or CPL you are not eligible.

2. 141 is a structured program, but has a provision to grant credit for previous flight training towards a rating. That will be at the discretion of the school and their flight training department. There is a limit, I think it's maybe 25% of the required flight time for the 141 program. Schools don't really like to do this, but they might if it allows them to entice you to enroll. So you would need to get it in writing in advance before you sign up, otherwise they probably won't grant you any credit. Recruiters cannot grant any credit based on your logbook, you would have to do an flight evaluation with someone from the flight training department.

3. You can do the CPL AMEL on your own, AFTER you get a CPL from the 141 school. For R-ATP eligibility you need to have completed an airplane category IR & CPL under 141, so it doesn't matter if it's ASEL or AMEL. But the R-ATP must be for AMEL, or any plane with a type rating (presumably includes ASEL which require a type).

Bottom line, yes you can in theory get some credit for previous training, but you'll have to arrange that in advance with the school. Get it in writing. Schools don't like to do that, and they don't have to, so you're not entitled to anything and most schools will not want to go there, for several obvious reasons. Also you do have to complete the degree program (2 or 4 year) for R-ATP eligibility. You'll have to pound the pavement to find a school who will go along with this, best bet might be traditional non-university 141 schools who have a degree option (w/ R-ATP authorization in association with a college).

Key takeaway... they can grant you some credit, but they don't have to.

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Great information. Thanks. This has been my experience with one school and calls to a few others. There are positives and negatives to the 61 vs 141 debate. Ill stick to sending my students via the Part 61 route.CD9
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