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AnthonyM757 01-16-2019 10:20 AM

Best flight school in Hampton roads VA??
Hi everyone I'm currently a PPL 10 years removed from actual flying, about to start back soon to get my Instrument - CFII ratings..

I'm currently in Hampton roads VA, and I've looked at about 2 schools, horizon and epix aviation...

Anyone from the area know a really good school? I'd greatly appreciate the feedback.

sourdough44 01-18-2019 03:24 AM

Check out what the AOPA site has to offer, with info.

kaputt 01-20-2019 11:25 AM

I got my PPL at Horizon when I was in college way back in 2010. Absolutely no complaints then, but no idea if it’s the same operation these days. I do recall that they were the “best” flight school in the area back then though.

Edit: I will add, the fact that they are still around is probably a positive sign toward quality of training they provide.

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