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Originally Posted by Excargodog View Post
If it was no fault, he’s just as eligible as anyone else. He might need to convince an AME or the FAA his human factors have resolved satisfactorily and if he ever actually received a medical diagnosis and/or treatment, he will possibly need a psych clearance. But a lot of people were removed from HRP/PRP due to situational problems and cleared right back in once the situation had time to resolve or for the person to adjust to it (ugly divorces especially).

If there was a diagnosed medical issue, getting copies of it and a statement from the Flight surgeon’s office that he was medically cleared to return to those duties would be helpful if he’s still active.
None of that is reportable at all to the FAA, unless there was an actual medical diagnosis of psych issues.

There would be no need to say anything, or explain anything to anyone. Just get 750 hours and take the ATP ride (out in town or at a regional). He meets the letter of the reg, no need to prove, document, or explain anything other than mil training grad and total time. Just zip it, don't create unnecessary confusion in the mind of an AME or DPE, they might defer unnecessarily if they don't understand what they're dealing with.

If you had a medical diagnosis that's in your record and/or filed a VA disability claim, then you MUST report that to the FAA when you apply for a medical (or go to jail). If you haven't filed your VA claim, do some reading here before you do that. The VA advocates will try to "help" you to maximize your $ benefit, and while many minor ailments are a non-issue for FAA flying, there are a few common big gotchas, PTSD, mental health, sleep apnea to name a few. Like I said, if you have it report it, but don't let anyone talk you into exaggerating something which will impede your flying opportunities.

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