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cheap places to Time Build?

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Originally Posted by Macchi30 View Post
I'm a 2 year CFI and only have around 850TT. Due to the slowdown of student inflow, with the pace I'm flying now, I'll have to be a CFI for another 1.5-2 years before hitting ATP mins which is not a viable option. So I'm thinking of biting the bullet (and my savings) and buying a few hundred hours to at least propel myself closer to finishing my hours by the end of the year.

Any recommendations for places (anywhere in the US, but preferably east coast) where I can rent planes for cheap? Bonus if they have lots of time builders to share costs with.
Have you looked at Companies such as Plane Sense. I know that they prefer 1000TT and a CFII but they do hire pilots with less than 800 hours.
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Originally Posted by flyingtime View Post
I've only got about 300 hours right now. Rather than wait 2-3 years teaching, why not just pay for the hours now and get done in 6 months? Any thoughts or advice is appreciated. THanks!
At this particular point in time, it might be worth the gamble to blow the money to fly the hours so that you can be in class at a regional in six months. Itís all crystal ball reading, but, if the predicted hiring of the next three years comes to fruition and you are willing to sacrifice everything on the altar of riding the wave to a legacy, this may be the time to go all in. That said, nobody would be shocked if unforeseen events significantly impact that hiring wave. If all you need is the hours (degree complete, etc), this is the moment to gamble if there ever was one.
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It still boggles the mind that the itch to climb the magic curtain and get that god-almighty magic seniority number is so strong that one can't be bothered to go get a job doing pipeline patrol, towing banners or any number of other jobs from flying jumpers to Canyon tours...but would rather rent an airplane, instead.
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The question Iíve never seen answered is if a regional will really hire you if you have paid for all of your time and have no professional experience?

I realize that regionals arenít exactly in a place to be picky right now, but I have a feeling most would really not like to hire someone who has 1200+ hours of rental and safety pilot time. Sounds like a training failure waiting to happen and there are still plenty of 1000-1500 hour CFIs out there they can hire.

Honestly why not CFI and then build some extra time on the side with your CFI buddies? Me and a fellow CFI are doing that to stay more current with instruments and get the extra night and XC time that doesnít build so quick teaching primary students. Gets us an extra 10-15 hours per month.
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