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Old 12-11-2005, 01:19 PM   #1  
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Default I love flying !

It sure has been a long time since posting.
I've been busy with my flight training and college. Actually taking a break from finals.

So I did my first solo on Nov 18th!
After 39 years a dream come true.
I flew an airplane!

Been doing Cross Countries and that just adds to the excitement and beauty of flying. Sure is great to get somewhere else besides the traffic pattern and the practice area!

If my avatar loaded properly check out where I went Friday!

I love this as much as I thought I would and sure hope I can keep this passion going through the starting years of a career.

Here's a snip from an assignment I wrote for college. Hope it helps others get "that feeling" back or fuels the fires of those like me embarking into this wonderful endeavor!

The origin of man wanting to fly is just pure desire to be airborne. Unlike the furthering development of aviation that sadly came from uses in war and then by anticipated economic, financial gains.

It’s sort of akin to how commercial Christmas has become and the spirit of it lost.

Honestly, this course in Aviation Science has rekindled the passion for aviation and “flying” that I lost since being a child. At the age of 39 I’ve taken aviation for granted as I’ve routinely used it both in my work and private life.
Reading these lectures that were very similar to the stories of aviation that I read when I was about 8 – 14 years old brought me back to my true and first reason why I loved the idea of flying, simply to be airborne.
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Default agreed

i have quite a few more hours in the book than you do, but in terms of this site, i am still a little guy also... i dont have an ATP and am not in the right seat of a jet (yet), but i am happy to see someone new to the flying world... all of us on this site, love to fly, the only thing is that some dont love to fly to feed the family and pay the bills... this time of the year, the pilots who have to fly on christmas day are named Ebinizer (Scrooge for those who missed the joke).... but i remember my first solo, and yes, i too was the happiest guy in the world... it didnt matter to me that i walked off the tarmac that day without my shirt...
keep up the joy for flying, its like no other... depending on where you live, let me know when you'll be in NJ and give me a call, I'll fly with ya

==> FORMER uconn QB
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