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Old 03-07-2006, 05:32 PM   #11  
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Originally Posted by Blackhawk
1. Warrant officers are NOT enlisted, they are officers. They are initially appointed as WO1s instead of commisioned, but they are still officers and given the respect due officers. I won't go into the differences between the two here (commisioned verses warrant), as it is besides the point and delves into history. When a warrant officer is promoted to CW2 they become commisioned, however, with the authority under the Uniform Code of Military Justice that all commisioned officers have. This is why in the Army warrant officers are able to command ships and other units, although there are very few commands for them.
No bad intended on warrants or enlisted guys at all, just describing the economic realities. I know plenty of helo guys and fast-mover guys, and the fast guys are simply used to making well over $100K/year in the service. The rotor guys are used to less money, and often retire $$, which does effect what they will work for on the outside.
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Old 03-09-2006, 07:06 PM   #12  
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There is a lot of factual information in the previous posts and A LOT that is wrong. You do not need a 1000 hours to start instructing in helicopters, more like 250 due to insurance not the FAA. Helicopter pilots are in great demand at this time and now in the Gulf of Mexico a contract pilots day rate in a bell ranger is $750 a day. Not too shabby at all. There are jobs out there like there never have been. I have been flying helos for 20 years and there was never the demand for pilots like there is now. However the minimum times did not stay the same they dropped due to the shortage so the salarys only went up a little. Things are changing slowly but not fast enough. Salary generaly is about 45k to 65 k for a helicopter pilot but you can get that in 1000 hours.
The military is not cranking out pilots like they used to and infact most employers do not like to hire todays military because they simple do not have the experience. Most mil pilots while they have been flying bigger equipment do not fly by themselves and find it very difficult to fly making their own decisions.

I find myself trying to get into the fixed wing world and it is extremely difficult as well I am an ATP with about 300 hours fixed and 6000 rotor and I am viewed as a 300 hour piston pilot when it comes to FW.

If you have to make a choice go FW as you will never fly a helicopter to a tropical paradise with 7 flight attendants that know you will make a lot of money one day.

Helicopter jobs are dirty, usually in the middle of nowhere and in the middle of the night in bad weather at the last second. The only money to be made in helicopters is in the movies and that is an exclusive club of pilots or flying AG which pays A LOT, I used to make $1500-$1800 a night flying AG but I also almost got killed twice.

Do yourself a favor and fly fixed wing pay your dues and buy your own helicopter and fly for fun.
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Old 03-19-2006, 10:56 AM   #13  
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Some of this stuff is interesting. I am currently in IERW FSXXI and am curious as to what is really available in the civilian side. I won't be flying civilian any time soon, but the more research, the better.

As far as the current schooling goes...52 students per class and 2 classes/ month. I just read an article in ArmyAviation Magazine about the Navy fielding a test program with warrant officers, mimicing the Army system.

Anyone else with any input on rotary job outlook???
Old 03-25-2006, 02:12 AM   #14  
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SOrry, excuse my ignorance , but can somebody translate the following sentence please..."I used to make $1500-$1800 a night flying AG but I also almost got killed twice." Being what does AG stand for? Thanks

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