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Old 06-22-2012, 08:19 PM
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Stay away from spartan, they are more worried about their international contract than they are paying american students. The recruters lied to me to get me into the school, when I found out about it I decided to leave. There is a clause in the contract you sign that says if you leave the school they get a percentage of your contract in my case 8000$ of lost money.

From what I hear Spartan used to be a good school back in the day, I know a few people that went through there, this is no longer the case. After I left spartan I sat a year out, 2010 I went to ATP in Dallas. ATP lived up to everything they said they would do over the phone, but ATP is no joy ride. You will have to study everynight sim and flying everyday. ATP's airplanes were top notch I flew a few (3-10) hour 2010 airplanes. The Dallas "Apartments" were on campus they were alittle run down and basic, but you had 24hr access to the sims free of charge.

Anyway, long story short I would advise you to go anywhere besides Spartan.
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Old 02-06-2018, 04:17 PM
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Default **** spartan and everything it stand for!!!!!

**** **** **** SPARTAN!!!!!!!. THE WORST DESISION I'VE MADE IN MY EXISTENCE!!!!!!!! I wanted to take the flight program the recruiter told me I could and did paperwork I moved over seas 24 hour plane trip came to Tulsa Oklahoma, went to the flight campus they didn't have me on the roster. I then went back to my recruiter that ****head laughed in my face and told me I had to take avionics before I take the flight courses. I failed all my avionics courses it wasn't the subject I was interested in. I then went back to my recruiter he told me you could've gone to the flight school, I don't have to tell you what happened from there you got the picture. Then when the school had visitors the administration THREATEN the students to say nothing but good things about the school or get expelled. SPARTAN CREDITS DONT TRANSFER The students are learning on broken out of date equipment teachers don't give a **** if you pass or fail the OVER CHARGE ON EVERYTHING INCLUDING BOTTLE WATER. Students who live in the dorms live in **** POOR CONDITIONS. PLUS SPARTAN LOST IT ACCREDITATION LONG AGO. THEY DON'T HELP STUDENTS FIND JOBS AFTER GRADUATION. **** **** **** YOU SPARTAN YOU RUINED MY LIFE COST ME THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. THE SCHOOL NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN AND NEVER REOPEN *****ES MAKE ME SICK!!!!! DON'T GO TO THIS SCHOOL IT'S NOT WORTH IT. ALL THESE SO CALLED POSITIVE POST ARE CREATED BY THE STAFF TO GET SOMEWHAT OF A GOOD REP. NOTHING FOOD COMES FROM THE SCHOOL. PLEASE I URGE YOU DON'T GO TO THIS GOD FORSAKEN SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
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