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StephensProject 04-29-2015 09:32 PM

Need help deciding: Part 91 vs. Part 141
I plan to pursue a career in aviation, in the long term being a pilot for charter jets. Around me are two flight schools... School A and school B.

School A:
- Part 91 private flight training at a small, local airport...
- considered 'pay as you go'... will be about 6,000 for PPL, and more if you want to continue for other licenses.
- the instructor told me she will help me in the direction I would like to pursue (in my case, charter jets, not major airlines)
- also said they have many connections and could help me find piloting jobs once I have acquired the right certificates, ratings, and hours
- is very close to me... 15 miles, easy access


School B:
- considered Part 61 and Part 141 school
- structured together with a community college program
- Scholaships/grants are available
- allows for students to pursue a Bachelors Degree in Science after course work is done
- website says private certificate, instrument rating, commercial certificates can be acquired, as well as more advanced types of certificates and ratings, including instructor training
- Is about one hour away from me... a long drive


Aviation/Flight Technology

AOPA Flight Training - Flight School Result Details

I haven't talked to either school yet... I want to get some professional opinions ones, as well as seeing them and hearing what they have to offer.

ALSO, in School B, the first website I posted, it says for "private pilot airplane" tuition is 6,000. While "commercial pilot airplane" is around 30,000. Can someone explain this to me? If I did the "commercial pilot airplane", that would include the PPL first, wouldn't it?

Thank you

bedrock 04-29-2015 10:32 PM

If a PPL is 6,000, then a commercial which is 30K includes PPL, Instrument, Commercial. I would want to know what those dollar amts are based on, however. for example 6k for exactly 40 hrs for private (the minimum required under 91) or 30K for 250hrs for commercial (the min under pt 91).

At the pvt level, you need 40 hrs for pt 91, or 35 for pt 141. Few get done in under 50 hrs usually. So if you like the people at the 91 school, they have good equipment and scheduling, you can go there.

However, if you want a degree, the community college route may be a great choice. In a CC you can get all the basic requirements out of the way for less AND under the current rules, graduating from an approved college curriculum also allows you to get an ATP with less than 1500 hrs. However, it must be a 4 yr program as I understand it. So you might have to transfer to another aviation approved college later. Although, it may be possible to get most of your ratings out of the way at the CC, especially the expensive stuff like instrument and multi-engine and thereby save money. Your local FSDO may be able to clarify this too.

Pt 91 commercial requires 250 hrs of flying time, pt 141 only 190, plus some other reductions in type of flying. It is more structured and sometimes inflexible, especially if you have a new instructor who doesn't know how to work in what you need help on regardless of the syllabus. A classic example, was that under 141 Jepessen syllabus, we had to train students in short field landings after they completed the solo phase. Well, if this period was in March, and the winds were howling, training SF was useless, because it requires precise speed and pitch control which is impossible in gusting winds. So I would introduce the student to a short field AFTER having him practice some cross country navigation. That would be a way to teach under those conditions. One hour is not too far to drive for a good educational experience. Plenty of people drive to work that far everyday. Also, you will spend several hrs there, so 2/12 isn't that bad.

SetClimbPower 05-01-2015 02:10 PM

I can't tell you what choice make, but you're eventually going to need to get your ATP. There aren't many charter outfits thay will hire a SIC with just a commercial. Although the regs say you only need a commercial, the company's insurance will probably dictate you have an ATP. Some companies will have you do an ATP checkride as part of their training, so you may not need an actual certificate but you will have to meet the minimums to earn an ATP.

I would advise having your certificate as that would be one less thing for the company to descriminate against when they are comparing you to other candidates. Also, if you don't have a college degree, get one. Same thing applies. If all the other candidates have degrees and you don't, guess who won't get the job. Don't make make it easy for Human Resources to say "no".

HighxFlight 05-02-2015 08:09 PM

These two flight schools are located about four to five hours apart. School A is in Mobile, AL and School B is in Cullman, AL.

Question: Did you get the locations confused?

I am currently a student at school B (Wallace State in Cullman, AL). Feel free to ask me any questions about WSCC.

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