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Old 12-28-2016, 11:30 AM   #11
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Originally Posted by awax View Post
So to sump it up,
"level off at 1" above the runway, pull the power, and then just let it settle in"

It appears that you may have ‘skipped over’ my initial suggestion … i.e., “…for those of you here who are older than of my age – stop reading and go on down to the next post” … and I make that presumption based on the tenor of your response. My intent was to dissuade readers with vast amounts of experience from wasting their time in reading what was sure to be perceived as inane suggestions from someone like myself … and certainly not to blindly indict anyone who is sufficiently experienced as to currently have/use their ability of ascertaining a point an entire inch above the runway and then having the experience, ability, and skill to adjust an airborne airplane into a landing attitude (be it a C-150 or B-747) at precisely that minuscule distance above the landing surface, as clearly that would mean such a person would certainly have little, if any, need (and probably zero desire) to waste their time in reading what was, I admit, a rather long diatribe – particularly when compared to your succinct comment – all to successfully accomplish essentially the same task.

Oh … by the way … I think you meant “sum it up” … a ‘sump’ is characteristically a pit or hollow in which liquid collects … just for your reference – unless, of course, your post included a stray keyboard finger stroke ... which does occur from time to time - even by those with substantial experience!
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