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NorthTxFlyBoy 11-28-2007 06:10 PM


Originally Posted by Mr. Irrelevant (Post 270549)
Have to agree with this. This TA seems to be a "keep the pilots happy TA" and prevent some losses to the majors and Part 91's as their hiring ramps up. I'm sure the other fracs will lose pilots to NJ but unless their losing 20% or more of their pilots each year, it probably won't have too much of an effect on those other fracs. I'd guess this new TA COUPLED with opportunities elsewhere might force at least some adjustments upward in pay and benefits. That's a great thing but I don't think this TA alone will do it.

Mr. I.

You need to re-read what he said. His post, nor the TA, have anything to do with NJA losing pilots to the majors or competing fractionals now or in the future.

The company wanted relief from certain parts of the current contract. It cost them accross-the-board pay raises to bring it to a vote by the pilot membership.

For every pilot NJA loses to the competition, and they are rare, there are hundreds of eager applicants waiting in the wings. This is hardly a situation in which the company needs to dangle a carrot to keep us around.


Mr. Irrelevant 11-28-2007 06:29 PM

Part of what I posted was conjecture on my part. Sure. I think very highly of Netjets and their pilots but they've had a decent number of pilots leave after the company pops a lot of dough on them in training. I think with the majors ramping up hiring in the future, that there would have been a good number leaving NJ to go 121. I know you may not agree and given those current 121 contracts I would probably agree with you for now. But when those contracts are re-negotiated, I'd be shocked if the pay and bennies don't go way up to at least what NJ gives now and possibly better.

I'd think enough of the parties involved to believe that both the pilots MEC and the company is aware of those possibilities. The pilot market in general is certainly not swinging in any management's favor and those that don't compete might be in the same trouble most if not all of the regionals are seeing.

Mr. I.

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