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Old 08-23-2020, 06:06 AM   #2201  
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Originally Posted by Learflyer View Post
It doesn't take long. An experienced crew can have the airplane cleaned, wiped down, trash emptied and post-flighted in about 20 minutes.
Working together as a team makes it quick and (almost) fun. It gets uglier when one team member becomes a Lt. Dyke (for any Band of Brothers fans out there...)
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Old 08-24-2020, 10:23 AM   #2202  
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Originally Posted by chase View Post

A little help from our friends (and strangers on forums) is something we can all practice on here and in our lives.
This is needs to be shouted from the roof tops and over the PA system.

Thanks again!
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Old 09-14-2020, 07:59 AM   #2203  
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Originally Posted by chase View Post

Folks on here are generally very gracious and I appreciate your sentiment. Story time:

When I was trying to get hired at SWA the only forums in the late 90’s was Compuserve. SWA, along with all the other carriers had forums but the SWA forum was different, primarily because of poster with the handle, Miss Libby. Her posts were always informative, non judgmental and insightful. As a 20 yr military member who was clueless about 121 ops, she was a bright light of never ending hope. A “hand up” type of person.

After I got hired I was in the People Dept saying hi to some of the folks who I had met in the hiring process. I walked by a door that had the name, Libby Sartain on it. I thought this could be Miss Libby and I wanted to thank her for all the help. I poke my head in and had a nice conversation with her and as I was leaving I saw her name and position on the door..Libby Sartsin, VP People department! Amazing😃

Here was the #2 person in hiring at SWA spending time on a forum with a bunch of yahoo pilots for many hrs each week answering the same “stupid” questions over and over. She always treated each poster with incredible stupid question attitude replies..never.

She helped countless folks, pilots and flight attendants on other forums too and probably many more. Most VPs or executives of any sort would never entertain the idea to do that today but to be doing that 20 yrs ago is remarkable. That is why SWA was so good to work at was the people like Libby and others who took the extra step in helping others, complete strangers...she saw good in every applicant...good thing she didn’t know me very well!

We’ve all been given a hand up somewhere along our aviation career path.

Any morsel of info from Libby was like water to a drowning man...I try to never forget what that was like as I have moved from mil ops to 121 ops to 135 ops.

A little help from our friends (and strangers on forums) is something we can all practice on here and in our lives.

BTW, A HUGE shout out to those fellow XOers (TurboDog, LJ JE, LearFlyer, MultiPilot and others) on here that gave me such great info on XO and only confirmed it was a place I wanted to land...apologies for the rambling..avoided honey do’s but no more...wife caught me!😩
Chase I am retiring in a few years from a major and don't want to quit flying yet. I flew fractional prior to getting the hire here at AA. I have types in 787, 737, Airbus and LR 60. Hours are about 12,000 the last time I checked, which was for my last class 1 a few months back.

Would someone like me be considered for a crew position at XO?

Thanks for any information.

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Old 09-14-2020, 11:00 AM   #2204  
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Retiring 121 pilots who like to work and wish to take on new challenges (sounds like you already have the t-shirt, I didn’t ) show up on our seniority at all levels from UA, AA, SWA, Emirates, not sure about DAL. Ex Regional pilots also.

The app window is closed right now so no apps are being accepted at this point. XO is aggressively looking for more ax’s to acquire over the next 16 months.

If they are successful I suspect the app window will open back up.

Internal reps are important but not necessary to get the interview or to be hired but in a company this size versus my previous employer, SWA, the computer algorithms pulled names out to the proverbial hat for interviews.

Start looking now for possible connections. You probably have a network and don’t need any advice on how to make those connections..I’ve posted suggestions if you care to read my drivel.

Good luck and congrats on a successful career.
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Old 09-14-2020, 01:53 PM   #2205  
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Thanks for the reply! I have a few connections that may be of help when it comes time for sure.

Best to you.
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