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Originally Posted by vhowig View Post
The pay decrease was due to covid and ensured that no one was laid off or furloughed. Airshare has never laid off or furloughed anyone in 21 years. Captain pay is now 120K. Bases have been added with no off day repositioning. A quarterly bonus has also been added based on hours flown within each quarter.

Mind if I DM you with a few questions?
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Originally Posted by USAFPilot85 View Post
I donít know why the company keeps telling people 20 nights at home. This just simply isnít true. Airshare fractional fleets are overworked and underpaid. Always asked to work their days off and gone every night of rotations. Nearly everyone you talk to will tell you the only thing keeping them there is the paycheck until the move on. Airshare is not honest with their recruiting and promise things they donít follow through with.
So what would a more realistic nights at home for Airshare?

I saw the ads for the paycheck, and went to their website and read about the 20 nights at home, 8 days on and 6 days off, every other weekend, 401k, etcÖIt sounded a bit too good to be true even though itís a job that I would really like if that actually was representative of the working conditions.
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Is there anyone who works at AirShare on a managed aircraft that can spare a few minutes to anser a few questions over the phone? If so, please send me a PM and I'll respond with my phone number. Thanks in advance!
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Originally Posted by blulavboy View Post
Does anyone in the know ever think the bases will expand more even with the ones announced today? Say like NYC/ATL?
Probably not. That is not where their logistics and support are and expanding that far out stretches resources. Itís primarily gonna be central US from ft worth through the Midwest to the headquarters in Kansas City thru buffalo. They recently ventured out west to Denver, but that is in the very early stages. It would surprise me to see them go into nyc(as a base city) for a while.

It seems like a good place, the assistant chief pilots are positive about stable growth. I really got a good feeling about the company and itís potential.
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Anyone have an idea of when they will be hiring FO's on the fractional side again?
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Bumping this thread. Anyone at AirShare enjoy it? Have a friend interested. Curious if Midsize pilots are only selected from current phenom crew.
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Same as above.

Any new hires? Are less than ATP mins guys flying Phenom exclusively? Howís upgrade time from SIC to PIC?

What does one need to have to be competitive for the challenger? I saw the news about buying more.
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