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Excargodog 02-10-2020 02:32 PM

Here it comes again...


Feb. 7--BOSTON -- A former Middleboro woman and flight attendant who accuses a co-pilot of raping her is suing Delta Air Lines in federal court for alleged employment discrimination and retaliation.

REDACTED filed a lawsuit in Suffolk County Superior Court on Dec. 30 stating that, in response to the alleged rape by a fellow Delta employee during an August 2018 trip to Texas, her employer took steps to interfere with her reporting of the incident to police and with her pursuit of treatment for the trauma she says she experienced.

According to the complaint, a nurse at the hospital who examined REDACTED the day after the alleged incident told her that she believed she may have been drugged.

The lawsuit, filed by Cambridge-based attorney Eric R. LeBlanc, claims Delta "responded in a manner that was wholly inappropriate and retaliatory."

Last week, Delta successfully filed a motion in U.S. District Court to move the case to federal court, contending that the lawsuit raises federal issues and exceeds the amount of requested monetary damages that should be determined in superior court.

REDACTED, who is demanding a trial by jury, is suing Delta for $5 million she believes she is owed in damages, including compensation for emotional distress; compensatory damages, including lost wages and benefits and medical expenses; punitive damages; attorneys' fees; costs; and statutory interest.

REDACTED, who lived in Middleboro at the time, was hired as a flight attendant by Delta in March 2016. The alleged incident took place following an Aug. 2, 2018 flight out of Boston Logan International Airport as part of a trip that was expected to last several days...
If nothing else, it again demonstrates the perils of fishing off the company pier.

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