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ryan1234 08-20-2008 09:14 PM


Originally Posted by Clue32 (Post 446608)
Glad he landed without incident and very thankful he decided not to plow into the mall.

ERAU had an instructor steal a seminole and commited suicide with it after doing multiple traffic patterns (1997 as I recall). Very sad indeed.

I remember when I was younger watching a phoenix east aircraft collide with another aircraft over the Flagler Pier while I was at the beach...
not soon after that the ERAU instructor event happened ('98)
followed by the French Connection (mudry aviation CAP10 I took a ride in) collided over the runway at flagler while in practice for an airshow ('00).
A little before that time a PhilAir twin crashed just short of flagler, killing two....

another two people died in the pattern at flagler in a gyrocopter.
Gus Wing at Deland died when the twin otter cut off his legs while he was skydiving, and then an MU-2 spun around the flagler area killing two.
Before the PE midair there was another midair over EVB
another 152 fatal crash at EVB
8KCAB fatal crash EVB ('98)
152 fatal DAB (99)
310Q fatal around DAB ('99)
Bushby II fatal DAB ('99)
ERAU/PE midair over DED ('99)
Skyraider II fatar EVB ('01)
Bell 206 fatal EVB ('02)
172N fatal Flagler (XFL) ('02)
PA46-500 fatal DAB ('03)
gyrocopter student was decapitated at flagler, the instructor lost two fingers (I see him around every now and again) ('04)
152 fatal DED ('04)
Bell 47 fatal XFL ('04)
BE-76 fatal DAB ('06)
BE-95C55 fatal DAB (07)
Tempco GC1B fatal EVB (07)

That's a bunch of aviation deaths in a 20 mile radius within 10 years! Kind of chilling!!

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