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Old 06-20-2010, 05:21 AM   #1  
Che Guevara
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Default Logbook pro-printed format options

I use logbook pro and will be updating it for the two years I haven't entered today. I know a couple here have printed it out and used it. I was wondering which services you've used to print/bind a physical logbook to use during interviews.
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I used LogbookPro's printing service; at $250 it's not exactly cheap.

I was completely satisfied with the end product.
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Old 06-20-2010, 07:37 AM   #3  
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You can buy their binders and paper and print your logbook yourself. The results are great. You can even include copies of pilot certificates, medicals, and analytical reports.
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Old 06-20-2010, 07:40 AM   #4  
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My method isn't quite as good as the Logbook Pro service.

I bring in a PDF copy of the logbook to kinkos. I have a bank style big checkbook that looks like a big binder.

I then show the guys at Kinkos exactly how the printing should come out. Double sided, starting with this exact page ect. Usually it takes them a couple of tries to get it right but they never charge you for something that isn't done right

They drill out the copies to fit the bank checkbook and kaboom! You've got a pretty sweet set up if I do say so myself.

It costs about 20 bucks...
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Old 06-20-2010, 08:32 AM   #5  
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LBPro Printing Adventure I


Note: Some of this info is mine, and some is from various posts, or from the LBPro website.

I spent several hours searching the web for help with printing/binding my LogBookPro. I consolidated all the info into one file. Some of the info was helpful, but there was a lot that wasn't, or was bad info for me. I thought I could pick up a binder at Office Depot (or somewhere else), take it to FedExKinko's with my logbook report on my usb drive, have them print it, punch holes, and I'd be all done. WRONG!!!

If this process seems to complicated, LBPro will do all the work for you of printing and binding your logbook. I believe this process could be completed in one or two days. It costs a lot (around $250). I didn't want to spend a lot, and it didn't seem that complicated to do it myself.

The LBPro software will format your digital information to be printed basically into a landscape (the page is wider than it is long) format. One entry will take up a line on two standard sheets of 11”x8.5” paper. Think about how a paper logbook looks (if you have one, or if you remember when everyone carried around paper logbooks). Since it's landscape, most binders will not work. It's difficult to find ones that will.

I recommend, like many of the other posters have, that you use a ring binder, so that it looks nice, and it's easy to add more pages as you get more experience. The difficult part is finding a ring binder that is in landscape format, with the holes punched in the short edge of the paper.

If you use a comb binder, you can add pages, but it's difficult. The employees at several stores told me the binding WOULD break after a while, because a comb binding is designed to be a permanent binding. They told me if I had a binding machine it WAS practical to add or subtract pages. I don't have a binding machine, and don't want to pay for one.

The binder I liked best (well, really I liked the Cirrus binders through LBPro, but those cost $130:LBPro now advertises one for about $70) was this one:
It is a black, 1”, cloth covered binder. It's also available in a 2” size.
It was about $37 with UPS ground ($11), which is the cheapest way to ship with this company.
***Note: I got the 1” binder, and it is basically too small already. If you have any amount of hours, get the 2” one right away.

This one is cheaper:
It is black vinyl, and is $16 without shipping (I don't know the shipping charge). It comes in 1” or 1.5”.

These look nice:

Office Depot ONLINE has these:
Wilson Jones Raven Post Binder:

If you want a 7-hole punch binder, one or more guys bought “Commercial check binders”. The seven holes are less stress on the paper. I bought heavy weight paper, so I think the 3 vs. 7 thing isn't a problem.

Multiple posters mentioned having trouble finding a “landscape” format binder. Several mentioned they are available at Office Depot.

I first went to Office Max (DTW). The guys there thought I was insane when I explained I was looking for a landscape binder. They told me I wanted a binder that held legal-size paper. Surprisingly, they didn't have any landscape binders.

Then, I went to the nearest Office Depot. They had none. They said they could order them via the internet, but they never had them in stock. They had never heard of a 7-ring landscape binder (like the commercial check binder).

So, even though I wanted my logbook done that day, I ended up ordering the binder online, as mentioned above, and didn't get it done in one day.

You have a choice of colors and weights. I shopped paper at both Office Max and FedEx/Kinko's. I found out that they don't have a very wide selection of paper at all. So, if you're selective, you'll probably want to go to a paper store and buy the paper there and bring it to wherever you want to print it at.

I decided on a light green colored paper (kind of like the Jepp logbook, I guess-my paper logbook has white) that was an 80# weight. It is about the density and thickness of a business card. The Kinko's guy said it would be no problem printing on this thick paper at home as long as I had a flat or a “C” feed (one directional turn) printer. He said if it was an “S” feed or worse (two or more turns inside the printer) it wouldn't work.

It was $.24 for each duplex (both sides-just like your paper logbook) sheet. I also bought a whole pack (250 sheets) for $10 for blank pages to add to the logbook. It was much cheaper to buy the whole pack than to buy enough individual sheets to meet my needs.

I also found out that comparing the weights of paper is arbitrary. Kinko's 90# paper is thinner than the 80# paper.

I wanted to get the holes punched in my paper, but since I didn't have the actual binder, I didn't want to mess it up. So, I'll wait for the binder, and wait for a day when I'm in the same place that the binder is delivered to (crashpad), and then I'll take the paper back to Kinko's. They'll drill holes for me in my
logbook pages, and in the extra paper I bought to add to my printed logbook.
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Old 06-20-2010, 08:35 AM   #6  
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Joined APC: Mar 2007
Position: Capt
Posts: 2,686

LBPro Printing Adventure II

Printing/Formatting Your LBPro Data:
I knew that I had a lot of pages to print, and I wasn't that familiar with the reports and exporting and printing and formatting, so I thought Kinko's would best know how to help me.
I followed the advice of some posters: Made a flight log report, exported it to Adobe (.pdf) format, put in on my USB back up portable drive (jump drive, memory stick, flash drive, etc.), and took it to Kinko's to get printed. Luckily, I thought it might not be this easy, so I brought my laptop. It was a nightmare.
To keep this post from getting REALLY long, I'll spare the details of what didn't work, and tell you what finally worked in the end.

Step 1:
My LBPro was up to date, it was as accurate as practical, and there were no errors (I ran the error check that comes with the program).

Step 2:
Click on the “Reports” tab on the left side of the logbook (or click on the “Reports” tab up top).
Click on “Flight Log”
Click on “Split Reports (Left / Right Segmented)”
Move the cursor right to “Jeppesen Style & 98-004 Leather Binders”
Move it further right to “Jeppesen Style Flight Log”
For starting and ending dates click “All Data”. Next time, to print follow-on pages, start at the next date after the date that this report ends on. Mine ended on 11 Jul 2007, so my next one will start on 12 Jul 2007.

Step 3:
Look at the report and make sure it looks right and makes sense. Note that the same number of columns is present in all pages, so that when printed everything will line up. Note that there are three tabs: “Left”, “Right” and “Combined”.
How many lines are present? Mine, had, I believe, 21. I had read posters who mentioned changing the margins to get more lines per page. LBPro, and other posters, say not to mess with the “Left” or “Right” margins.
How to change the “Top” and “Bottom” margins:
If you are on the “Combined” tab view, when you click on “File” (top left corner of the window) and then scroll down and click “Page Setup”, nothing will happen.
You need to click on the “Left Page” and then the “Right Page” tabs to change the margins for both of the page sets. Once you've clicked on either the “Left Page” or the “Right Page” then you'll need to click on “File” and “Page Setup”. You will now see a window where you can change the margins. You will also need to change both margins so that they are the same, or the rows won't match up on the two facing pages.
I changed both page's “Top” and the “Bottom” margins to 0.5 inches. This should give you about 25 lines per page.

Step 4:
When your report is to your liking, again click on “File”, scroll down to “Export” and you'll see your choices. I choose “Export To Acrobat Reader (.pdf)”. A window will
open asking you where you want to save the file. I saved a copy on my hard drive (in my LBPro folder) and on my USB memory stick.

Step 5:
Print 4-10 test pages to make sure it is formatted correctly and it looks right. I used regular white paper to test print. I forgot to tell the guy to print a blank page first. This will be the interior cover of your logbook, and Page 1 will print on the backside of this sheet. The 3rd and 4th pages printed will actually be pages 2 and 3 of your logbook.
When it is correct, then have him print the whole thing on the good paper.

Step 6:
Check your pages. I had several with some printing error or defect in the paper itself. I had him reprint those specific pages over again. I also had him print a 2nd copy of my cover page, and of my last page. That way, when I go to print my cover page (you don't have to print a cover page, of course), if I mess it up I can try again. It would be wise to once again test print your cover page on plain, cheap paper. The extra last page is because that when I print an add-on page it home, the first one will go on the back of the last page printed at Kinko's.

Misc Notes:
You can do some customizing of the reports, but it is limited. You can change the heights of the columns, to help get more or less lines per page
From the LBPro website:
“Columns cannot be removed, hidden, resized, or reordered”.
“An alternate method of printing allowing complete capturing of user-defined customizations, including fonts, custom columns, colors, and column order and widths is to print directly from the spreadsheet system.”
Note: It does NOT say you can delete or hide columns with this “alternate method”.
When I tried to make the report the first time, I clicked on “Reports”, “Flight Log”, Jeppesen Style”, “Jeppesen Style Flight Log” I got a report that looked fantastic. But, when the Kinko's guy looked at the .pdf exported file, it listed the paper size as “21.46 x 8.5”. I think this is a special size they use when you send it to LBPro to be printed out. At any rate, it won't do for standard 11” x 8.5” paper.
With the 25 entries per page (top and bottom margins changed to 0.5” each) my log was 96 pages long. I use the one date (as many legs as you have on that date/airplane) per line entry in my logbook, vs. the one entry per LEG, which would've taken god knows how many pages.

My log book pages look great, and the binder does, too. It's a million times better looking than my old paper logbook (but not as good looking as my CEO ;-).
It cost me about $20-25 at Kinko's for the 100 pages of logbook, the extra pages, and the 2+ hours of time it took the Kinko's guy and myself (mostly him) to coax a printable copy of my log out of my LBPro software. Now, if I have to add pages on, or I want to reprint my whole logbook, it'll be easy.
It's just like learning to hover. After about 8 hours or so, you suddenly get it, and you wondered why it seemed so hard on your last flight.

More Recently:
I have since printed more pages to add to my logbook twice. My printer at home would NOT print the heavy paper, so I went back to Kinko's both times. They seem pretty good about manipulating the data and getting it to format and print correctly.

When you add more printed pages, you need to make sure that the format of the new report is the same of the old, so that your pages will match up and add up and make sense. So, check the new report out CAREFULLY at home before you save it and take it to Kinko's.

I also bought two clear plastic sheets (paper protectors) to go in front of my Cover page and in back of my last page to protect the logbook pages.

LogBookPro reccomends that you digitally back up your logbook and ALSO print it out for backup, so I'm printing a copy of my logbook on regular printer paper once in a while just to keep a hard-copy backup, in addition to my “official” printed logbook.
I keep a digital backup on my laptop, my backup harddrive, one thumb (USB) drive at home, and one thumb drive that I take with me when I fly. It is also a good idea to email yourself a copy of your .BAK file and your printed report, so it will be on a server somewhere, just in case!

Note: I lost my first (paper) logbook, which was no fun. I am making sure I won't lose my LBPro data now.

Good luck to you!


Digital Data:
If you need to EMAIL stuff like your passport, pilot's license, medical, logbook pages, etc., Kinko's is good at digitizing the data for you: Have them put it on your thumb drive and then you can put on your computer, and then send the documents out. They will scan it into PDF format, which is acceptable to most organizations that need the info above.

I'm overseas, so I took digital AND paper copies of the above with me, and leave digital and paper copies at home, also. If you have your passport lost or stolen, it is usually much easier to get a new one quickly if you have a copy of your old one to give them. I'm also taking 2”x2” passport sized photos, in case I need a new passport, or to send out as some airlines want a picture for the hiring process. You need LOTS of photos when you go overseas, trust me!
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Che Guevara
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good god cliff... breath!
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Old 06-20-2010, 01:12 PM   #8  
Che Guevara
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On a side note I'm having some serious issues with the software. I haven't kept it up to date since December '07. I'm trying the schedule importer but after loading up about 12 months worth the page gives me an error and won't ever load. Do you know if there's a limit to how many trips I can import at a time? Ever had this issue?
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Wow your almost as bad about updating your logbook as I am...
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Old 06-20-2010, 02:17 PM   #10  
Che Guevara
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Well apparently they want me to upgrade my Pro version. I guess they don't want people to be able to use it for more than a couple years.
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