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Old 10-02-2010, 05:27 PM   #1  
Day puke
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Default What have the unions ever done for us?

YouTube - What Have The Unions Ever Done For Us?
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Interesting; now out of those things they got for us. How much do they cost us?
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Default Why, Seniority

At a Union Convention in Las Vegas, a Shop Steward decides that he wants to visit one of the local "establishments." He goes into the first one and asks the Madam "Excuse me, is this a Union shop". She replies "No sir, it is not." He asks, "well, what is the split between the house and the ladies". She responds that "the house gets 80 and the ladies get 20." He declines and moves on.

In the next house, he asks the same question of the Madam; "Is this a Union shop?" "No sir, it is not" she replies. He asks "well, what is the split between the house and the ladies". She responds that "the house gets 75 and the ladies get 25." He says "that's better" but declines and moves on.

He goes on to the next house, finds the Madam and asks "is this a Union shop?" "Yes" she replies. "Outstanding" he says. He then asks "what is the split between the house and the ladies". She responds that "the house gets 25 and the ladies get 75." "Outstanding" he responds and begins to look around and spots a gorgeous redhead. He tells the Madam "I would like her please." The Madam responds politely "No sir, I'm afraid that is not possible" and points to a 75 year old grandmother type and says "Bertha there has seniority."
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The really strange thing is that almost every job, union or not, has all of the listed attributes.

One might come to the conclusion that a good profitable business not only takes care of employees, but manages to feed the union as well.

Perhaps we should be looking for more ways to attract highly profitable business and investment, crazy talk I know, just saying. It's strange that just 10% of us pay 70% of all income taxes, maybe we need more of those people.
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As long as companies move jobs to countries with less labor cost the status quo will continue.
Interesting to note also the U.S union involvement overseas,makes you wonder why they are playing both sides against the middle.
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