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Originally Posted by pilotairbus330 View Post
Greetings everyone glad to be here ,

I am 41 years old American Expat pilot flying for a major international flag carrier most of my flying career which is 17 years up to date!!!!

Experience level : Total flight time is 10000 jet on A320/A321/A330/A340 and B737-800 .

Jet pic :6000 hours on A320/A321/A330 and B737-800 .

Current position: B737-800 captain

My goal is to get back home and fly for a cargo operation like Kalitta .
10,000 total hours expat? Thatís like 20 hours of hand flying? JK Hope you can get back home. Your experience should be more then enough for many operations.
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Iím a captain on an eclipse jet flying 135 charter. My goals are open minded but I aspire to go to a major airline or a comfortable charter company.
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Default Introduction, Looking for work

I am 40 yrs old and was laid off by Trans States when they went out of business on April 1st of last year. I completed IOE at the end of Feb and March 21st was my last flight......... YEAH!
I am currently flying part time as a chase pilot in C-210's.


I am typed on the EMB-145. I enjoyed flying it except for the fact that I am 6'7" tall. That part was not very fun.
I would love to fly part 121 the most. If I can get a bigger airplane that would be ideal. I have been without a full time job since 1 April 2020 and here it is late Feb 21. So at this point I will take almost anything and love it. I'm at the point now that I just want to fly and will be happy.
I got hired by a regional over the summer and was placed into a pilot training pool. Now I cannot get them to return my calls or emails.
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Default BE-20GT Capt.

Air ambulance captain. 12 years now driving a King Air 200 GT with G1000.
5700 TT
4780 MEL
3520 Turbine PIC
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Arrow Just starting out

Hello all,

Some quick background info:
26 years old
7 years enlisted Air Force as an A-10 and F-35 Crew Chief
Currently in UPT phase 3 T-1 track
Had a helicopter PPL but have changed career paths to fixed wing

Looking to learn about the industry and see how I can set myself up for a career as an aviator both in the military and after I hang up the green pajamas.

Look forward to interacting and learning from you all.
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A CFI/I with a BS in Aeronautical Science from ERAU and a minor in BA. I am also currently a Program Planner at Lockheed Martin and seeking employment in a flight deck. With over 500 hours, I strongly desire to return to the passion I have.
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Wink Hey!

Hi folks. decided to make an account.

Here's a 33yr pilot.
Started flying in 2016.
Got private in PGUM, while working for foreign airlines as customer service agent.

Moved to AZ, phoenix. did basic airmen training.
CFI for a year in Goodyear.

Interested in airline, hopefully based in region of 4 seasons. Lived in IA, and AZ for 4 years each.
I meet ATP requirement, except for 50hrs multi-time, Currently has 30 hrs ME.

I was planning to do ATP-CTP on my expanse. Hopefully that will increase odd and start getting paid early.

Been applying Air wisconsin, Cape air, horizon Air +, SIC position for FSI and aerial survey+ others. Luckily horizon is leading the recruitment at the moment.
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2 year First Officer with at a regional. Looking to find more information about which major airline(s) to apply to
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Default Hello!

25 year old eclipse jet captain for a 135 charter company our of AZ. Just here to connect and stay in the network of this wonderful industry!
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FO on a PC-12
1100 TT
500 PIC

Looking to network and and explore new opportunities.

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