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Introduce yourself

Old 01-10-2022, 02:39 AM
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Long time lurker and figured I should register an account. Looking forward to the industry moving on from the past two years.
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Just a good ol' A&P, former Air Force U-2 and A-10 Crew Chief trying to work his way into a flying gig.

After beating cancer almost 8 years ago, finally saved up my pennies, got my PP, just finishing up my instrument rating right now.

Done a lot with CAP doing air searches and Red Flag target planes when I lived in Alaska. Got intercepted by an F-16 in a CAP 182 over Wisconsin in early December.

I love to fly, and fixing things all my life has taken a toll on the body. I figure by the time I get a gig, I can put in a good 20 years (almost 42 now) and enjoy my life a bit better.

Looking forward to chatting with folks and if you are anywhere near the Duluth, MN area, would love to get to know the other pilots here. I've only lived here a year.
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Current EMB-120 Captain, former E-jet driver. Looking for info on some 121 carriers Iím considering.
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Originally Posted by CaptainJay View Post
Current EMB-120 Captain, former E-jet driver. Looking for info on some 121 carriers Iím considering.
Put your Apps in interview, gather your data, compare, and be an educated consumer. All the best.
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Hello all,

Brand new student pilot here looking to go 0 to 1500. US-based currently working in healthcare and looking to enter into a career working for the airlines. I am also in the Army National Guard and am looking to pursue aviation as well. My perfect future job has me flying a line and home with my family the other times.
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Default Back After Long Hiatus

Have not been back here for about 2 years since I started flying. I actually need to get ahold of an administrator but can't due to my privileges.
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Default Introduction

I am a Florida-based A320 pilot
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Default Introduction on Myself

Hi Everyone,

Came here while doing a little pay scale research. Found many interesting threads so decided to register.

Currently a 777 CA for the 6th year with a Far Eastern mainline carrier. Doing pax, pure cargo, and cargo-only-on-pax-planes flights now. Past experiences of airline flying include 1 year of Fk100, 9 years of 744, both as FO.

Of course I have the home base in my country, but ANC was like a home base to me without a home in the past. Used to fly to JFK, ORD, DFW, ATL, MIA, IAH, SEA, BNA, ONT and many Asian, European major airports as well. In addition, both LAX and SFO have always been regular visits since the beginning of my WB flying days.

Nowadays LAX and SFO are the destinations of most of my fleet's longhaul flights. Pacific crossing have been routine for me in the past 17+ years.

I am not looking for opportunities elsewhere, as my current job offerings are not that bad by int'l standards and the future of my company is not looking bad at all. But anyway I have to say that you airline pilots in the US are definitely the best paid ones in the world.

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Default Introduction

Currently a flight instructor looking to enter the 121 environment this year. I joined this organization to learn more about the airlines.
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Hello, happy to be here.

Iím applying to Amazon Air to be a Drone Pilot/Coordinator.

Thanks for the add!
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