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thanks looking foward to being part of the group
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FO at Legacy Carrier, currently flying right seat in B737
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New to forum. Commercial AMEL Instrument rated pilot looking for flying position as 2nd career.
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I am multi engine, instrument rated with airline goals.
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Considered being a pilot previous to going into medical field. Should I still consider this a possibility at my age... another career?
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Not a pilot - tried that 40 years ago, but after 12 hours of trying to set a Cessna 172 down short of the runway, I decided my depth perception was not good enough to continue. Currently flying privately under a couple of card program.
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Hello Everyone. My name is Anthony Ferrara, I work for my families flying club. Our Company is Nomis Flying Club. we have been mentioned a few times in post on this forum. We are a family owned an operated business with our main club location at Republic Airport in Farmingdale Long Island, where we have a full facility with all your pre, post flight tools. a lounge, simulators, computers, and many other tools . Our mission is to bring all people into the world of aviation. We have the most affordable prices at Republic KFRG and Bridgeport BDR, an many other locations in the tri state. This business was started by my father. A veteran pilot who has been flying for A Commercial Airline for over 23 Years, and was instructing even longer than that. He has held a captain position for roughly 15+ years. . His goal when starting this company Was to bring people into the world of aviation . It is truly his passion. The days of thinking that it is just to expensive to get your ppl are long gone. we offer the most affordable ways to do just that. no more staying at a school with 70 hours in your log book but still haven't Solo'd or taken a check ride. We strive to get people through training with a good pace, and no wasted hours and money. We have many aircraft, pa28 piper, a Mooney for those who want high performance / complex ratings, we also have a Baron b55, an old champ tail dragger, just to mention a few. we are also always inquiring about any CFI that is interested in building twin time, or dual time that we would work out a pay/ twin flight time compensation, to help you get to that next chapter in your career. you can check us out on the web at and read client testimonies, and a bio on some of our instructors. If your thinking of flying. Think of Nomis Flying Club first
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Huge aviation enthusiast, photographer and writer.
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First officer at a major airline
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Default This is me

41 year old ATP pilot with a A and P that has been used in between the flight jobs. I have also have some avionics experience regarding installations, iFR certifications and some bench testing.

Type rated and experienced in the Falcon 900 and 2000 EX EASy aircraft. I presently going back to flying full time leaving my present position where I have been conducting training and checking at a popular 142 center in the States on the Falcon aircraft.
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