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Sir James 08-04-2005 04:31 PM

Text of Air France conversation with tower
Text of Air France conversations with control tower

(CP) - Here is some of the conversation thread between the pilot of Air France Flight 358 and Air Traffic Control at Pearson International airport just before the crash on Tuesday
Air Traffic Control: "Air France 358 maintain 4,000"

Air France Flight 358: "maintain 4,000, 358"

ATC: "Air France 358 (inaudible) approach on 24 left"

358: "(inaudible) 24 left, 358"

ATC: "Air France 358 reduce speed now to 160 knots"

358: "reducing 160, 358"

ATC: "Air France 358 slow to your final approach speed"

358: reduce minimum (inaudible) "

ATC: "Correct, minumum speed Air France 358"

358: "I do"

ATC: "Air France 358 contact Toronto tower, fix at frequency 118.35 "

358: "118.35"

The controller then speaks to another incoming aircraft as follows:

ATC: "Air Canada 1105 we had an aircraft slide off the end of the runway. You will not be landing on runway 24 left. Your approach plans is canceled. Maintain 4,000 feet. "

1105: "maintain to 4,000 Air Canada 1105 and requesting London"

ATC: "Air Canada 1105 Roger. Steer heading 220 degrees now and continuing climbing to 6,000"

And to the next flight:

ATC: "Air Canada 1156 I would suggest you probably want to go to your alternate now, I think the airport's going to closed for quite a while. "

SOURCE:, an aviation enthusists site

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