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Your Opinion On 9/11 Piloting

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Your Opinion On 9/11 Piloting

Old 11-03-2016, 06:18 AM
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Originally Posted by CAirBear View Post
Pilots for 9/11 Truth I feel raises some very good questions and has done quite a bit of research. It also boasts an extensive members list who are extremely qualified. In turn there are many 9/11 groups/organizations for almost all professions involved that day from Firefighters, Police, Military members, you name it. There are enormous things about 9/11 that without question don't add up to what the "official story" was.

For the typical knee-jerk reactionaries that are going to flame - go right ahead. I could care less. The bottom line is I can look at the evidence, ask questions and critically think. I can assure you all if you actually look at the evidence vs what "supposedly happened" you don't have to be very smart to clearly see the glaring contradictions and discrepancies.

Carry on.
This is a basic human defense mechanism, to replace reality with a more "emotionally comforting story" that "makes sense". Some things often do not make sense, as far as their motives, or are exceptionally rare events that when they do happen, they seem to defy belief, etc., but that doesn't make them any less real. In fact, everyone shows this behavior to some extent in their lives, inserting a fantasy or something other than reality in the face of what is real or what happened. This type of defense mechanism allows us to continue operating in times of great stress, so there is a positive to the general behavior, but again, it doesn't mean that conspiracy theories are true. In my experience, real life is far more boring. Anyone with any inside knowledge of "discovery channel reality programs" knows what I'm talking about. They basically fabricate the entire shows, all the conflicts, all the things that supposedly happen, etc. Lets face it, it's far more entertaining that way.
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Old 11-03-2016, 06:20 AM
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There are a number of posters on this website who had personal connections to the aircraft and crew involved in the WTC and Pentagon attacks, as well as Flight 93. Don't look for much sympathetic reaction here to ignorant, unfounded conspiracy thoughts.

The conspiracy nuts won't be swayed. As long as they can sow doubt in their own minds, the truth is irrelevant.

A few years ago someone directed me to a chemtrail site which purported to have pictures of the aircraft. One in particular, I knew; it was a shot inside a firefighting aircraft and I knew it well, because I flew it. The site claimed it was a secret picture of chemtrail equipment. It was actually a fire retardant dispensing system inside a C-130. Against my better judgement, I pointed that out, but to the web site maintainer, it only made me one of the conspiracists. The truth didn't matter; it was all about what he wanted to believe.

Those claiming 09/11 conspiracy theory are no different. The notion that an aircraft did not hit the pentagon, or that the destruction of the twin towers was not the result of a terrorist attack are utterly ridiculous. To those who fantasize about false flags and coverups and conspiracy (which does exist in the real world...just not everywhere one turns), the truth will never matter. The allure of the fantasy is just too strong.
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Old 11-03-2016, 08:01 AM
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Thank you for your rational and diplomatic response.

Thread closed. I will not allow conspiracy theories to flourish here.

To the OP: it's difficult to land an airplane. It's not difficult to crash.
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