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Pro Abortion Ads On APC??

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Pro Abortion Ads On APC??

Old 12-19-2021, 11:05 AM
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Originally Posted by william142 View Post
So what is the problem? You are offended about a woman's right to choose? When the court overturns Roe v Wade abortions aren't going away in the impacted states, they will just go underground and become more dangerous for everyone. But hell kids born into extreme poverty and abusive relationships are going to have a great life.

You probably also want your taxes cut, even though the need to be raised to support all the unwanted kids!
If only we knew what caused pregnancy!

Actions have consequences and ending ANOTHER'S persons life is not a socially, legally, nor morally acceptable way of dealing with the messes YOU made.

Hell, even the dead have more rights than a living unborn baby.

Oh, and everyone? EVERYONE? No, not everyone is doing this.

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