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HSLD 03-31-2006 02:00 PM

Martinaire Pilot Hiring Update
Received via email.....................

Martinaire Pilot Hiring Update

March 31, 2006


Martinaire Partners, L.P. (dba Martinaire) is based in Addison, Texas and operates a fleet of 34 Cessna Caravans.

Martinaire is currently interviewing for pilot positions. As of this Update, we are looking for pilots to be based in the following domiciles:

Arcata, CA (ACV) - 1 Pilot

Del Rio, (DRT) Texas - Standby - 1 Pilot

Sacramento, California (Mather) - Standby - 1 Pilot

New Bern, NC (EWN) - 1 Pilot

Dallas, TX (DFW) - 1 Pilot

The above requirements are subject to change.

Visit our EMPLOYMENT and PILOT FAQ's web pages for the latest information.

If you have already sent in your resume, please update it at this time and/or send in a new resume. If you are near one of the airports Martinaire flies to, feel free to ask one of our line Captains about Martinaire. If the pilot is not too busy, you may be able to hand in your resume to be forwarded to my office.

Ground school, including flight training, takes approximately two weeks and class sizes range from 2 to 4 pilots.

Our hiring minimums are the basic FAR 135 minimums:

1200 hours total flight time,

500 hours cross country,

100 hours at night,

75 hours of instrument flying (25 hours in an airplane).

The interview process consists of the personal interview, a 50 question computer test, with an 80% minimum passing grade, followed by a flight simulator evaluation. Martinaire uses Results Inc. for their PRIA and background checks.

Pilots should update Martinaire of their employment seeking status every 90 days. Keeping in touch via E-mail is very important and we also recommend checking the EMPLOYMENT page on our website for the latest hiring information.

Martinaire is currently accepting resumes from qualified pilots.

Feel free to forward this email to fellow pilots.

If you have a specific question you would like to have answered, e-mail me at [email protected] .

Thank you for your interest in Martinaire Inc. and please visit our website


Michael Bates

Chief Pilot

Martinaire Partners, L.P.

diamnd15 11-14-2006 12:37 PM

any new news with them and hiring...

captchris 11-14-2006 05:32 PM

A friend got hired about a month ago and declined the position because it was a long duty day with approx. 2 hours of flying.

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