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Default Cirrus Access Pilot

Cirrus Access Pilots.
Who's been there how and good of a gig is it?
as far as being the salaried instructor through the UND program thing.

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One of my students just bought a Cirrus, and him and his girlfriend are going to do their instrument training on it. Due to all of the insurance reasons, he's paying for me to go through the CSIP (Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot). The whole program costs about $2,300 or something. However, as a CSIP, I'll be considered a Cirrus Access Pilot, so people in the area will call on me to deliver planes, do BFRs, training...etc. Not too sure how busy I'll be, but I'll keep you posted.
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I wouldn't bother with need to have mad-crazy skills to fly a cirrus dude!!!

papa t
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Originally Posted by jelloy683 View Post
However, as a CSIP, I'll be considered a Cirrus Access Pilot, so people in the area will call on me to deliver planes, do BFRs, training...etc.

All Access pilots are CSIP's, but not all CSIP's are Access pilots. The "Access progam" is an option with the purchase of a new Cirrus. They contract with UND aerospace to supply a dedicated instructor for one year to go along with your new aircraft. Easy money for UND, I'm not sure how much of it makes it to the Access pilot
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30k a year.
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I don't know all about this Cirrus Access Pilot stuff but I know that I love those airplanes! I've been carrying around a picture of one in my wallet for quite a few years now because I figure it is the closest I'll ever get to owning one. I did get an up-close look at one in ABQ a few months ago. I thought they were very nice.

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I'm an instructor in the SR 20, but I'm not an "Access Program" instructor. The plane is fun to fly and I think I wouldn't mind owning one, but as with all planes, it has its quirks... I presently have over 200 hours in it. I thought about the Access Program a long time ago, but didn't have the cash to pay for the trainin to get in. I think you get paid around 30K/year, which is not too bad considering how things are today.
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I think being CSIP certified would be more valuable to you as an instructor than doing the access program. The way I understand it with the access program you're owned. You might be making ok money, but you're only flying with the owner. If you're trying to build hours that probably wouldn't be the best way to do it.

With CSIP, you could be doing anything from new customer training to insurance stuff. I know a couple guys that did it and have made a mint. Might be worth persuing this option, especially if somebody is footing the bill.
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