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Old 09-12-2005, 05:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Jason
Can anyone tell me how long it usually takes from submission of application to interview invite at JetBlue? Thanks.
I submitted my app with jetBlue in mid April 2005 with a Jan 2006 available date. They called me in mid-July (six months minus one day from my available date) for the August interview. Others in the samw interview session said they had their apps in for up to two years. I asked what got us the interview and I was told that jetBlue does a search based on the quals they want, then they have a group of individuals look at the results. Former military look at the mil apps, former regional pilots look at the regional apps, etc. Then the apps are sent to the pilot recruitment team. After offered the job, jetBlue lets the new hires select E190 or A320. There will be two classes for each airframe in September (14 & 28) and October of 18 per class per airframe. November (9 & 30) will have two classes of each with 20 in each class. Each new hire can select either type and gets a white paper explaining the $$$ from LOE to the 2 year point. With the E190 upgrade expected in the 13th month, those chasing the $$ would perfer the E190. After a two year A/C lock you will be allowed to move. The numbers between the two at the 2 year point are the same. Hope this helps.
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Originally Posted by Av8tor
Actually, the EMB190 classes have been filling very quickly. Upgrade in 12-14 months is pretty appealing. I'm in the first E190 class and we are scheduled to upgrade in June. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me.
Congrats! Since I have read some of the other posts explaining that the money at the 2 year point is the same, that is a pretty sweet deal. Good luck.
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Old 10-05-2005, 09:01 PM
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I have a few friends at JB who are ready and willing to write letters of recommendations, but I don't think my qualifications are competitive: 5500TT, 3200 turbine SIC (all in the CRJ), ATP, no type ratings. Does anyone know if inside referrals help the chances of receiving an interview invitation for those who meet the minimum requirements, but may not have competitive experience? Thanks!

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Window is now open. Good luck.
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Anyone been hired with under 4000TT?
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How junior is LGB 190CA?
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How junior is LGB 190CA?
Ask them at the interview.
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Originally Posted by SKYWCRJCA View Post
How junior is LGB 190CA?
I don't believe there are 190's in LGB right now.
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Originally Posted by boiler07 View Post
Anyone been hired with under 4000TT?
Yea my buddy got hired on back in Feb with 3200TT with about 800TPIC, all in 135.
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Word from JetBlue at OBAP: 2600 apps received so far in first four days of open window. That was as of this morning.
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