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Old 04-07-2018, 10:55 AM   #871
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Originally Posted by NoMoney View Post
Former ASI-AC (been several years) who was IMHO too young for the cubical fed life forever. Considering a possible return to fed life now that I'm grown up.... But wondering if anyone knows about how things work in regards to pay grade for former ASIs. I was one of those who got hired straight into HQ and got suckered there as GS14/J. Lets say a FSDO was interested on bringing me onboard, would it be as an -11 initially and hope for the best??
"Got suckered there as GS14/J." I think the only thing your previous experience with the FAA will get you is a "preference point" or "points" as compared to someone else who meets the minimum requirements that does not have previous employment with the FAA. There is a box on all apps that asks whether or not you've been a former permanent employee of the FAA and have completed the 1 year probationary period. The preference point(s) will help you get an interview if there are a lot of applicants; points won't guarantee you a position. There is some sort of additional consideration if the time "away" from the FAA is not too long, I read about that once but can't remember the details.

If you're getting hired at a FSDO, you will probably be brought in at a GS11 or GS12 depending on the office...working in a FSDO is quite different than working for HQ

I'd recommend filtering your USA Jobs search to jobs open to federal employees (not just the "open to the public" positions). In addition to the "points" for your previous FAA employment, I believe you can apply to the positions open to federal employees (don't hold me to that). If you can, then you may be able to find something at the GS13 or GS14 level right away.

If you come back, you will get whatever sick leave balance you had when you left back. You will also be given credit for time in service towards your annual leave accrual (i.e. after 3 years you get 6 hours per pay period, after 15 years you get 8 hours per pay period).
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Originally Posted by steamgauges View Post
I wouldn't make a decision to come to the FAA based on telecommuting. Yes, it's available and officially encouraged (although some offices prohibit it while you're on probation as they want you to be there in case an unexpected OJT opportunity pops up) but it depends upon your assignment and the office culture. AW does not do much telework and, as you'll soon find out, mechanics run the FAA (office managers). So, they're not so understanding about working from home (office policy).

But, as Bizjet said, during the first year, you're going to be really busy with OJT and string and your schedule is going to entirely dependent upon when you can get together with your instructors to work on your OJT (about 270+ tasks in that first year) plus a few months in OKC (I was in OKC 120+ weekdays the first year plus travel days). On those other days, you need to be in the office to knock out that OJT. All this is supposed to be completed in 1 year after start.

In some situations, you might be able to get a day of telework when all your OJT instructors are unavailable and you need a level 3 sign off. eLMS works fine from home, so you might be able to get into a routine where you can arrange telework on one of those days (Monday or Friday).

After probation, the system opens up quite a bit (again depending on your office, its politics and your job assignment. Field time/cube time will depend upon your assignments. I've spent 40 hours in a cube one week and never came into the office the next.

At first (after probation), I had a schedule of 5 - 8s and was able to telework once a week. I could have occasionally TW two days. Then I changed my schedule to 4 - 10s and was able to telework one day a week giving me 4 day weekends at home.

In my most recent job, telework is hit and miss because of constant meetings, sim evals and enroutes.

Bottom line: don't plan on teleworking the first year; by the second year you could get a position that allows more freedom. But if you want more money and to advance you might get back into a little or no telework situation.

I'm in a CMO. YMMV
Sounds pretty good! Thanks for the quality info, gauges and bizjet... One other question, does the FAA offer loss of medical insurance? Do you know of any ASI's who have lost their medicals and what happened to them?
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Originally Posted by Petethedog View Post
Sounds pretty good! Thanks for the quality info, gauges and bizjet... One other question, does the FAA offer loss of medical insurance? Do you know of any ASI's who have lost their medicals and what happened to them?
I stopped getting medicals years ago. Very few, if any, Air Carrier Ops ASIs ever operate an aircraft as a required flight crew member so they aren't required. I don't fly on the side.

GA Ops requires you to maintain a current medical (second class I think) because you will be manipulating the controls at some point and you will stay current.

My understanding is that they're pretty good at finding or helping you to find a position that does not require a medical if you lose it for some reason.
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