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Old 05-01-2018, 07:33 AM   #1  
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Default Anyone who got a law degree while flying 121?

If there is anyone on here who went through law school "at night" while they flew for the airlines, or practices in some capacity while flying full time I would love to ask you a few questions if you don't mind. Please feel free to PM me.
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Sent you a PM
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Unless you go to a top ten law school (which you wont), you will NEVER make as much money in law than would at a major airline.
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Originally Posted by SactisbonesBJ View Post
Unless you go to a top ten law school (which you wont), you will NEVER make as much money in law than would at a major airline.
You could far exceed major airline pay if you end up a partner at a big firm (or start your own really successful firm). Those stats looked like W2, probably didn't account for partners/owners...and nobody in the class of 2103 is at that point yet.

But that's the top 1% (or less), and you won't be getting there by studying law part-time.

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The ABA only accredits schools that are full-time 3 year traditional AFAIK.

Which means that if you go to a local metropolitan type of law school that isn't ABA accredited you might be able to do it at night/part-time. But you'll likely only be able to practice in that one state since it isn't ABA accredited.

Nashville School of Law is a great example of this... they are at night, most of their profs are not ivory tower types, they are real judges and practicing attorneys and as such can give a damn good practical education (as opposed to legal theory). But if you leave TN your law degree may not be recognized by other states.

And as mentioned above, if you are not in the top 10 you will never get in to a major prestigious firm as a partner. But who would want that life anyway? 80 hours a week slaving away? No thanks.

I seriously considered law school before deciding on flight school. Most lawyers make under $75k, and a few make well above that. But who wants to be indoors all day chained to a desk dealing with scumbags?

So the question is, why are you considering it? Is it a backup plan in case of furlough or medical? Is it just for fun or curiosity or cocktail party conversation? Is it a resume building plan? Is it a career change? Or do you really want to go full blast with it?

I put a lot of time and thought in to it before deciding not to do it, so I feel I might be able to offer some guidance to others who are considering a similar path.
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Old 05-01-2018, 03:07 PM   #6  
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I did it online, but that only qualifies me to take the bar exam in California.
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The rules are designed to keep people in one state. Lawyers are like pilots they like to pull the ladder up behind them.

Do Federal Law ala immigration and you are good everywhere.
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I haven't formally studied law but I've watched "My Cousin Vinny" countless times while on layovers so...

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Originally Posted by Tony Clifton View Post
I haven't formally studied law but I've watched "My Cousin Vinny" countless times while on layovers so...
I stayed at a Holiday Inn last night. So, Homer Simpson and I will run the nuclear reactor.
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Old 05-01-2018, 06:15 PM   #10  
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Get to know some lawyers.

That will help you see whether it would be a good fit for you.

I knew several back in the day around the local airport. I could see that very few have the ‘gift.’ I knew I didn’t, and I chose to not fool with law school.

The vast majority of lawyers suck. Truly gifted ones get rich, but they are rare. As a guy with that gift once told me “I’m not the guy you want to go to for a 5 k divorce. I start at 50k.... For a reason.” He was amazing. He could walk into any room and have everyone laughing within 5 seconds. He truly was who you would want to hire for something critical.

If you’re that guy, you could do very well. But you should be honest with yourself first. Really think about whether it’s for you.
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