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Temocil27 06-18-2018 09:56 AM

At least Moxy has a vision. The current JetBlue has very little in common with the airline Neeleman started. I imagine he wants to distance himself as much as possible from the current company.

GreatStory 06-18-2018 10:06 AM

Good luck getting gate space. This thing is dead already.

rickair7777 06-18-2018 10:08 AM

Originally Posted by GreatStory (Post 2616685)
Good luck getting gate space. This thing is dead already.

As somebody mentioned, there's plenty of gate capacity in small-ish/medium sized towns across the country... and they'd probably be happy to build more if it will attract air service.

BeatNavy 06-18-2018 10:09 AM

Originally Posted by rickair7777 (Post 2616675)
Nobody is going to take that deal if Big-Six is even a realistic option, no good reason to take a bunch or risks for a stepping stone unless you know the established majors won't be calling. Safer to just sit tight at your regional in most cases.

The FAA will require experienced CA's for the left seat, they will not let a startup hire 2500 hour regional FO's and put them in the left seat of a new-design narrowbody on a new certificate. Startups typically also hire experienced pilots for the right seat initially, on the premise that they will upgrade very quickly.

His B-Plan is going to need plenty of compensation for pilots.

Guessing there are plenty of guys with 3k-5k hours (1k-2k+ TPIC), at regionals waiting on majors to call. Drop the degree requirement (likely won't be one at Moxy) and that opens a door for guys with no degree who are otherwise qualified. I've never seen any "start-up airline pilot minimums" in any FAA rules, and I'd venture to say that a current 121 captain, who has an FAA ATP, and who passes an FAA type ride in the C Series, is qualified in the FAA's eyes to act as a captain at a pt 121 airline, start-up or otherwise. I'd also venture to guess that Neeleman will pay Moxy CAs more than any regional will pay their CAs. If I was at a regional waiting for a major to call, I would possibly gamble with a start up while waiting, depending on the pay/benefits/bases/etc. The seniority, pay, and career expectations likely exceed that of any regional, with the exception of a guy having a possible near-term flow. And for the guys going straight to the left seat of Moxy, waiting for a big 6 to call, to then go be an FO again, may not be appealing. For guys in their first year at a regional, they could go be early FOs at Moxy with a potential quick upgrade, and make probably more money than they are making at said regional in either seat.

Guess we will see in a couple years how it plays out.

AYLflyer 06-18-2018 10:10 AM

I swear if we announce an E2 after this...

CS is clearly the way to go.

iahflyr 06-18-2018 10:48 AM

With the big 6 consolidating down to the big 3, I think its very likely to see some upstart competition on the Domestic side. Weve already seen it happen on the International side

SUX4U 06-18-2018 11:01 AM

Originally Posted by rickair7777 (Post 2616675)
Nobody is going to take that deal if Big-Six is even a realistic option

Big Six? Heard of Big Three, even Big 4 with SWA. Big Six is new to me. Who falls under that umbrella?

Bluedriver 06-18-2018 11:04 AM

Originally Posted by BeatNavy (Post 2616648)
Watch us merge in 5 years, and all the guys rushing to this startup win the seniority lottery and slide in to the top of our list. That'd be my luck. Interesting timing with our ***fleet review*** and contract vote coming soon.

Soon? I think they moved fleet review to the shelf to finish up the sharklet retrofit of all our A320s.

METO Guido 06-18-2018 11:07 AM

Originally Posted by BeatNavy (Post 2616677)
Won't need near the real estate/gates/landing fees that he needed with JetBlue if he's going point to point in secondary markets. I have to assume their overhead will be significantly lower. Fuel costs (or at least fuel quantity) will be significantly lower than his previous venture with significantly lower CASM. And I have to assume his financing terms for the 60 C series were probably pretty solid. Will be interesting to see how it works out.

So they're in talks with Chinese lessor for 18 delivered 2020-2022. Delta got 75 100's at a 65% MSRP reduction for between 25-27M each. The CS300 lists north of 70M. Just can't wrap my head around extending that kind of credit to an upstart when the odds are so long. Another JetBlue? Okey dokey.

Softpayman 06-18-2018 11:28 AM

Originally Posted by AYLflyer (Post 2616690)
I swear if we announce an E2 after this...

CS is clearly the way to go.

You have about as much say in it as your favorite baggage handler. CS is not clearly the way to go, you have no idea what deal is on the table. Ur job is to show up for a new type if that's what you choose.

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