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Default End of year salary survey

I saw a thread like this last year and thought it was helpful when making a decision on which airline is best for each person who isn’t at their last job yet. I’m perfectly happy at UAL although only here less than 6 months so my figures are not the greatest for determing which airline is best for each person. This is not meant to be a _____ measuring contest, rather a realistic survey of what it is like at every airline. If you could post your; airline, years for pay, take home salary, airframe, hours flown, days worked, in domicile or out, bonus and other compensation for a total compensation. Thanks and Merry Christmas everyone!

1st year (<6 months)
~44k (training pay of 90 hours a month in the beginning)
165 in 4 months on the line
52 (18 a month while on rsv and last month only 4 while in domicile and on rsv)
3 months out of domicile and 1 in
No bonus yet 1st year but the standard 16% 401k contribution for an approx total compensation of 53k for almost 6 months with United.
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Default End of year salary survey

4th year FO
Gross pay on the last pay stub of the year $189,746
752 hours in the last 365 days. (one trip left this year)
$26,140 contributed via the NEC (B fund)

Not sure how many total days at work. Iím usually bidding 15-17 days off per month. I donít fly extra very often.

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Ah yes, the yearly **** measuring contest.

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1st Year FO (1.5 months on 2nd year pay)
Gross of $116,105
Block 746:10 in last 365

I pickup a bit (a lot) so the amount of days off fluctuated but around 2 weeks off per month just scattered about. Not the greatest for QOL but I had no choice due to the pay cut required to come to SWA.

14.2% in 401K

We shall see what the profit sharing will be but the experts (whoever they are) say it should be around 10% this year.

Hope this info helps. It helped me a lot when I was thinking of making the switch. Please donít look at these surveys as a measuring contest but a real world way to gauge what can be put into your account to feed your families and put a roof over their heads. We are professionals, live as such, and should be compensated accordingly. Anyways my $0.02.

Safe flying everyone.

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Originally Posted by Floobs View Post
Ah yes, the yearly **** measuring context.

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Year 2-3 FO living in the domicile
Gross pay on the final pay stub: $207,037 (includes PS excess check from 2017)
Per Diem: $7,414
401k NEC company contribution: $28,525
2018 Profit Sharing: still unknown.

Total compensation: $242,976

Block: 781 hours

I will echo StayFrosty and also say that this is not a yearly **** measuring contest, but rather useful real-life data for those doing homework and pondering their next move.

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Old 12-25-2018, 01:57 PM   #7  
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I honestly LOVE this thread. I donít think anyone (at least 98% of posters) are bragging or attempting to show off. Itís just good, useful info for all involved!! And itís motivation for those of us in our 40s still trying to make the jump into the big leagues.
Thank you for posting!
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Old 12-25-2018, 02:35 PM   #8  
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AA-year 5 airbus FO. $204k (including per diem and profit sharing) 401k was an additional 31k. I had a couple premium trips. First 7 months commuted to a line, last 5 lived in base and bid short call reserve. As a line holder I probably averaged 90 hours a month and 18 days away from home. As a reserve I've averaged 53 hours a month, flying an average of 10 days.
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Old 12-25-2018, 03:57 PM   #9  
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DAL 2/3 Year FO (70/30)

Total Taxable compensation: $145,000
Block < 550 hours
Average days off 18-20
No premium trips
401k: $36,000 (16% DC + 8% personal)
2017 Profit Sharing $13,000
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Originally Posted by Floobs View Post
Ah yes, the yearly **** measuring contest.
Itís a valuable metric. Consider the fact that in other professions corporations go to great lengths to keep the information secret.
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