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Originally Posted by fishn View Post
In addition to melatonin anyone experimented with using blue light blocking glasses in cockpit and on the way to the hotel? I’ve read the blue light is what can hinder the bodies natural melatonin production. Wondering if a blue light blocking lenses with an amber tint could help?
I've been using them if I'm planning on going to bed at a normal bed time. I feel like it reduces eye strain also. I've been using them for a few months now. Although, mine are clear. I think prescription glasses can have blue light filtering added. I wonder if they can do that with contacts?

I've also turned on Night Shift or what ever the phone / tablets/ computers call their blue light reduction. I seems to make the screen less white and more brown.

I'm trying to become more careful about drinking water closer to bed time especially on back side of the clock flying.

Apparently, being awake during your normal sleep period can mess with the hormones that suppress the urge to pee while you sleep. So, being hydrated can lead to getting up several times to pee when you want to sleep.
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I went out on medical in Spring 2017 but prior to that the FAA would allow "Sonata (zaleplon) with certain restrictions. I used it for early wakeup's since I was a "night owl". I'll paste a description below, I did sometimes wakeup with a vengeance after about 4 hours but overall it was better than nothing. I have heard that melatonin only works via a "placebo" effect, I don't know if that's still considered true or not.

Sonata (zaleplon): It reduces the average time it takes to fall asleep by 10 minutes. Unfortunately, it is metabolized quickly and may wear off within 4 hours. This may make it attractive for awakenings that occur in the night, however.

OK, I got curious and checked the FAA's Guide for AME's. It says 12 hours from taking zaleplon to flying. Didn't used to be that way. It's still the most lenient of all prescription sleep aids thou. I'll link the website with the waiting times for all prescription sleep aids:
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