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Best "I quit!" story

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Originally Posted by TransWorld View Post
And they both lived to tell about it…
AND the guy who got shot APOLOGIZED to the guy that shot him.
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Originally Posted by turbojet28 View Post
I know a guy who was given a class date at a legacy airline, and so happened to receive the call while operating a turn into the city from where he commutes. He went up to the gate, left his ID and walked straight to his car and never looked back. This was more than a decade ago.
Originally Posted by ShyGuy View Post
I've heard this before, sounds like a urban legend type story.

And that regional airline never bothered to find out where he went? Oh wait, they do know, they got a PRIA request. You mean no CP or management level reached out to that legacy carrier and informed them what he did? It's a small world. What that guy did would be an easy way to get fired at both the new legacy airline and the regional he worked at.
This story has been recycled a lot, but actually happened (I flew with people who were there when it did). Supposedly he lost his job offer, but did end up at a major eventually.

It probably happened more than once back in the day.
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Default Best "I quit!" story

How about those who were retiring during the republic frontier and midwest fiasco. They’d just leave their manuals and charts in the jetbridge and not tell anyone.
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I know a guy who wrote up every single cockpit seat he came across as being "worn" for the last month before his United hire date. Created absolute havoc. Of course this was in 2008 in July or so. Then of course United canceled all their classes and he tried to rescind his resignation a couple days prior. The regional did not let him rescind so his employment was terminated.
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Taxied on to BFE Wyoming one day to find a Beech 1900 in our spot, asked the rampers what’s that doing there? They said the pilots that flew it in quit and left. It was a Great Lakes or Mesa 1900, can’t remember who.
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UPS - We had a captain quit over in Asia (he lived there). We have also had folks retire halfway through their CQ, just not feeling it anymore.
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Originally Posted by Precontact View Post
UPS - We had a captain quit over in Asia (he lived there). We have also had folks retire halfway through their CQ, just not feeling it anymore.
One too many LP2?
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I liked the FA story a few years back when he took two beers and popped the slide and took off.
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Had a bombastic guy who had training anxiety and a massive target on his back. Kept getting put on the short track to come back early for CQ. (Participant in one of them myself, just deserved imho). Supposedly one year he announced “I’ll quit if they ******* with me this time” and stayed true to his word when they did.
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Pilot quit when his wife called and told him she was going into labor. So he called scheduling to get released and was told that there were no reserves available and that he had to operate the flight. He talked to the chief pilot who told him he had to operate the flight. So he tendered his resignation on the phone right there. Got in his car and drove down to headquarters, turned in badge, Jepps and flight manuals and kept on driving to the hospital.
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