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LEC 170 Supports Striking Amerijet Pilots

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LEC 170 Supports Striking Amerijet Pilots

Old 08-31-2009, 06:32 PM
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Default LEC 170 Supports Striking Amerijet Pilots

Special Magenta Line August 31, 2009

Today is Monday, August 31, 2009 and this is a Special Edition of The Magenta Line. There is 1 item for discussion.

Item 1: Council 170 Supports the Pilots of AmeriJet

The Pilots of AmeriJet, after over five years of fruitless negotiations with a management team best described as cruel, arrogant, and clueless, were forced to the street this past Thursday, August 27, 2009 in Miami, FL. This action was not taken lightly and it was only after every means of resolution was rejected by AmeriJet’s management—including the National Mediation Board’s declaration of impasse, a 30-day cooling-off period, and an ultimate release to self-help—that the AmeriJet Pilots took the only path left to them, the path to a full withdrawal-of-services strike.

We have attached a link to a YouTube video of the AmeriJet Pilots walking the line we, as Continental Pilots, may be forced to walk in the future. While our current conditions may not be as incredibly deplorable as the conditions the AmeriJet Pilots are forced to endure on a daily basis, in the end we are all Pilots and we all face the same type of arrogant management across the bargaining table.

While the AmeriJet Pilots are represented by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and are not affiliated with ALPA, this difference in representational choice is ultimately of no difference to all of us as Pilots: they fly the same airplanes, in the same airspace, meet the same standards of qualification and proficiency, take the same medical examinations, and come from the same cross-section of backgrounds as do we—and they deserve the same respect and quality of life that all Professional Pilots should enjoy.

Here is the link to the YouTube video:

AmeriJet Pilots on Strike or YouTube - Amerijet Pilot's Strike

Take a good look at our fellow airmen and women on the picket line. They are making the sacrifice today that may make our sacrifice tomorrow unnecessary. They deserve our unwavering support in both word and action. If you live in the Miami area or are laying over there, take a few minutes of your day and walk the walk with them; it is an investment today that may pay great dividends tomorrow. The AmeriJet pilots are picketing at:

AmeriJet International
6185 NW 18 St Building 716-B
Miami, FL 33142

They will be manning their picket lines 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

That’s all for tonight. We thank all of our pilots for their ongoing support in the face of the many great challenges created for us by our management team.

Please remember our 147 hostages and their families.

Captain Jayson Baron, EWR Council 170 Chairman
[email protected]
610 442-3817

First Officer Tara Cook, EWR Council 170 Vice Chairman
[email protected]
610 220-8904

Captain Kaye Riggs, EWR Council 170 Secretary-Treasurer
[email protected]
830 431-0450

Captain Kaye Riggs
Council 170 Secretary/Treasurer
Director of Communications

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