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Age 60 Public Comment Period

Old 11-01-2006, 02:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Old Coastie View Post
Man, if you're only 29 now and longing for retirement in 30+ years, you might be in the wrong profession. Take a positive attitude and don't end up as a 55 yr old b!tchin about your miserable job/life to all the 29 yr olds.
jesus christ you guys like to run with stuff...wtf relax, i'm entiled to want to retire at 60, like 5 years is a big friggin deal at that age anyway. i'd rather be enjoying time off from work at that age. if i wanted to work till i die, i'd would have kept on doing electrical work. chill out with the accusations, i'm not negative about anything, and i live a far from miserable life. so keep your negative comments to yourself.
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Originally Posted by OV1D View Post
... I would say that least 95% of the pilots ... past age 60 ...(will be) fit to fly to at least age 65....
... 20% of all pilots in their 40s and 50s ...are rapidly becoming physically unfit to fly.

I do not have documentation to this but I think that all of us who have been around the industry for awhile could agree with my observations.

Yeah, those young guys sure are way more unhealthy than the older guys. If you can survive to 60 you're almost guaranteed to get to 65, but those 40 to 50 year olds are dropping like flies.

I do not have documentation to this but I think that all of us who have been around the industry for a while could agree with..... what? what was I saying? where am I? Are those darn kids on my lawn again! 6 o'clock, time for my pills. Turn on the tv; Lawrence Welk is on. I always watch Lawrence Welk on Tuesdays, and McGyver on Thursdays. That McGuyver certainly is a clever young man. He really ought to cut his hair. Now Robert Young always had a neat haircut. He never looked scraggy like these kids today....

Thats why those 40-50 year olds are four times less healthy than 60-65 year olds; if those kids just cleaned up they'd be as fit to fly as a 65 year old!

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