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B727DRVR 06-12-2021 07:01 PM

Frontier F/O Andy Glendenning has flown West.
Fellow pilots,

Today, the World lost a great father, son, friend, and pilot today, Frontier Airlines First Officer Andy Glendenning. After a valiant and lengthy fight against cancer, right up to the last second, Andy passed away leaving a wonderful Wife and daughters, 5 and 2. His Wife is dealing with this tragedy now, but she is surrounded with loving and caring people. I believe that a GoFundme account will be set up for his daughters.

Prior to his job at Frontier, Andy flew Piaggio P-180 Avantis for Avantair (VNR). If any of you VNR peeps or Frontier Pilots knew Andy, I am sure that his Wife would appreciate a hug over the phone.

Triggs 06-13-2021 11:48 AM


I knew Andy from his VNR days. please keep me posted on anything that is being done for his family. DM's are fine. He was a wonderful soul and will be dearly missed

B727DRVR 06-13-2021 09:39 PM

I am sure that your MEC will reach out to his
Hey Triggs,

I am sure that we must have known each other at VNR.. I have been reliving all the rotations that I flew with Andy fondly, and it reminds me of what a loss this is to our Profession and our World. I was able to reach one of my old friends from F9 and he was reaching out to the MEC.. I am sure that the MEC will reach out to his Wife on behalf of F9. I believe that someone is also setting up a GoFundMe account for his children and for his medical expenses. Thanks for your concern for Andy and his family.

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