???s about Dubai

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Default ???s about Dubai

The wife and I are thinking about visiting Dubai next month. Could someone tell me the basics, such as best transportation, best reasonable safe hotels, places to visit, things to do, any safety precautions?
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Loooooooove the avatar!!

Regarding your trip: You must travel all the time. I've never met someone who has visited all the cool places on the planet and is just sick of them. What's that like?
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Visit the PPRUNE forum, Middle East section. Enough info there to set you up.
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wrong forum to ask this ? in, try "foreign" and yes,, mucho info there, take it with a grain of salt
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Spent several weeks in there and two Christmas'. Overall, a good place that is more Western than any other place in the Middle East. I cannot remember hotels but there are a ton of them that are 4-5 stars that were cheap when I was last there in 2004 (150 USD night). They were even playing Christmas music at the malls. Remember, Middle East we are talking about. I believe we stayed at a
Marriot and had steaks at JWs in the hotel. Great steaks! National Geographic has a special on Dubai that the are running, watch it and you will see what is going on there. Taxis are cheap and dependable. We walked about the local area as a group of three guys and we were ok but I would consult the local hotel people for what to do. Night life is good also. You can look at the CIA website for a country brief too to get a glimpse of the current state.

PS. what are you doing with a photo of my wife on your avatar? PM is you need more.

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all the info you need can be found here: Dubai Info: Living in Dubai | Working in Dubai | General Information

Weather next month should be close to perfect. If you can't get a Hotel on the beach, try Shk Z Rd, its easy to get cabs from there.

Are you trying to non rev on United? I'd like to know how that me after.
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Those people who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do-Isacc Asimov
Probably also annoyed by people who don't know how to spell "Isaac"

Flybynuts post is good, but prices have risen considerably.

Main complaints are the cost-of-living and inflation rate, plus very fast drivers in big cars. The dirham is tied to the dollar and there were a lot of complaints by non-US folks when the dollar was weaker - those voices have quieted somewhat. I agree that Pprune is a good place to look but you need to filter both the Kool-Aid and the whiners, and note that most of what you read is employment / long-term resident oriented. Also be careful of where you party ... - British Couple Sentenced to 3 Months for Sex on Dubai Beach - International News | News of the World | Middle East News | Europe News
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rotorhead1026 - Probably also annoyed by people who don't know how to spell "Isaac"

Rotorhead - I thought his name was spelled Исаак Озимов or possibly Айзек Азимов, you sure it's Isaac?

Kidding, it's been a while since I read it (no, not in Russian ) but I loved his Foundation Trilogy.
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SilkSmooth who is the avatar???? We all must know!
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Originally Posted by cgtpilot View Post
SilkSmooth who is the avatar???? We all must know!
Dude...It is Selma Hayek.

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