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Old 03-10-2015, 12:18 PM   #71  
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Yeah, I was way out of line and spoke out of frustration and lack of knowledge. Sorry I was a d***. I'll admit it.
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Default Clarification

I appreciate all of your replies. My goal was to remove as much emotion from the decision as possible...A no-regrets mentality, you know. My CC put it best the other day when he asked if I have gotten all I wanted from the AF. Well, I have. With any luck, I'll get hired as a TR and the interview call in the next 8 months. We think it's time for some roots.

In terms of the military being a calling, that's why I want to go in the Reserves. I enjoy military flying. It's the rest of the nonsense and constant competition that's killing me. I fell 1000% better now that I turned down an assignment and a pointless IDE competition.

Lastly, the spreadsheet may be garbage today but it distilled the conversation to QOL. The numbers are basically a wash (worst case scenario) with the pilot bonus and reserve retirement. The deal breaker was the deployment grinder and the constantly increasing workload for a slim chance of promotion beyond O-5. Thanks again. Your input was more valuable than you may know.
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Originally Posted by Albief15 View Post
No war intended either, brother. Just pointing out what a fine Navy O-6 from the Reserves passed on to me (and I've said it many times since…)

"Working as a TG/TR gives you the opportunity to equally disappoint your unit, your company, and your family…."

Having done it 6 years, I do remember it seemed like someone always felt short changed. So why do it? Well…it was money, it was security, but most importantly it still felt good to wear the uniform and serve. Taking pot shots from those who don't understand what you did…or were perhaps jealous…was just part of the gig. It was still worth it. But even though I haven't flown an Eagle in (wow!) 8 years since 2007, I remember the work it took to do it well, and folks who take pot shots at the TRs out there will hear from guys like me who did the job for a while. Ain't asking for sympathy--it was very, very cool. But it wasn't easy.
Did my 20 --and just to piggyback---don't know how many times I got "jumped" in the cockpit for even mentioning the check and Tricare---AFTER BEING ASKED ABOUT IT---I don't self-identify anymore.---down low--too much "populist" in the world right now.
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