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Old 04-07-2021, 01:04 AM   #51  
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Originally Posted by TeamSasquatch View Post
135 cargo Is not as hard as you make it sound. Lots of “VFR” guys at the bottom feeders. Launching in 1800rvr with worn out 210’s and piston twins, just so they can get from 500 to 1200 to get the turbine 135. I don’t even think they are all as young as you think... A lot of these pilots fly the exact same plane to the same airport at the same time every day. Not much to it. Not saying the mins need to come down, just saying it doesn’t take a Top Gun to do the job.
You guys are dangerous.
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Originally Posted by SoFloFlyer View Post
Reviving an oldie, but a goodie haha

Specifically asking about OpSpec and GOM. If a 135 operator has it in their GOM that 2 pilots are required then the person who has a SIC type in a citation can log SIC, correct? I reached out to an old colleague who happens to be a director at an another 135 said that SICs can only log time if the company has it in their OpSpec, not their GOM.

I guess the real question would be OpSpec vs. GOM. I always thought of it as OpSpec sets up the parameters of the “game” and the GOM says how the team will “play the game.” FAA doesn’t care about which plays you choose to run as long as you play within the parameters they set forth in OpSpec. Essentially, not allowing GOMs to legalize SICs logging time in a single pilot airplane.

The difference is whether the GOM, or the section containing the SIC-required provision, is “FAA Approved” or “Accepted.” I worked at an outfit with a GOM that dated back to Orville’s first student and one of their aircraft was certified for SP ops, but they had in their FAA Approved GOM (maybe in the CFM?) that 2 pilots were required for all operations.

I was doing some work on this and a checklist trying to unscrew some stuff the manufacturer’s lawyers had in it and read (I think in FSIMS) that GOMs and CLs are only “Accepted” nowadays. I guess their lawyers weighed in on that, too, like it’s too dangerous to have FAA employees actually in aircraft. Whatever.

As for how to get around it and let SICs log time? Turn in A015 or don’t have PICs get a 297(g) check. SICs are always required for pax IFR 135, right?
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