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Originally Posted by cannotdupilcate View Post
Let's be realistic shall we? What do you want? What is a professional pilot in your eyes? Do you really think you should be a Captain with 1800 hours? Do you think you have the experience and temperament for that? Can you handle any issue at any time with upwards of 80 people relying on you? Do you know your aeroplane, systems, SOP's, Company GOM/AOM and FAA regulations like the back of your hand? Tell us all in one sentence what makes you different from all the people that have done their time? Maybe you are..maybe you are the next Sully I don't know...:
These are realistic important questions.
If you leave the airlines for a part 135 outfit that feels the need to tell everyone how safe and great they are at every opportunity...then you won't be coming back to the airlines any time soon. (the words 'recruiting' and 'bonus' spring to mind along with the same old names). The really good companies have no need to stand on the street corner with a bell, a balloon and a billboard.
What will you say when you realize your mistake and they ask why you left a good career path for a puddle jumper I was bored? I couldn't cut it at a real job? I was impatient? The airline didn't recognise my extraordinary worth? I felt I should be Captain by now? I wanted more money? I want four stripes! I believed the social media bull****? I deserved the left seat in a jet at 1800 hours? Not really desirable qualities and persona for a Captain eh?.......
What they are paying is the last question you should be asking...(I have another post offering suggestions for you or anyone else about to fall of the log, with what to ask, look it up. I might make a thread of it).
Be smart, stay where you are. A poor 135 organisation can and will ruin your career as a professional pilot later on. If you are 121 trained you will have a heart attack when you see how they often operate and expect you to do so without complaining. However, GAMA/Wheels Up do have a good solid SMS, good mx, lots of flying and nice clean aircraft free of MEL's. You don't have the minimum time for NJ or XO.

So, in essence y'all need to suck it up where you are, show them you have true leadership skills and deserve recognition, do something extra at work to contribute or go to another growing airline: Spirit or Frontier or jetBlue. Why throw away your seniority number when you are more than halfway to the minimum 1000 hours part 121 for upgrade? and your place in the line?

I am not picking on you or anyone although it may seem like it but the grass on that side is usually brown. Be patient and be smart is all I am saying. Make wise considered choices, you are on the ladder, stay on the ladder it is the rest of your life!

This guy isnít asking about bottom feeders...
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