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Spoilers 07-02-2009 08:35 PM

I interviewed today. Lately everyone got send to PDX, followed by OAK for PA31. I think there are a few turbine routes in PHX going down to Piston. There is an outstation run open right now. If you want to work at AMF, you got to be willing to relocate, and they will ask you during the interview if you are willing to relocate. As a pilot, you just go to go where the job is. I think I've relocated to a different state almost every year for the past 4-5 years.

undflyboy06 07-02-2009 08:50 PM

Sorry for being naive, but what exactly do you mean that there's an outstation run open?

Spoilers 07-02-2009 09:08 PM

Originally Posted by undflyboy06 (Post 638828)
Sorry for being naive, but what exactly do you mean that there's an outstation run open?

I can't remember exactly, but I think the run is Safford-Phoenix-Safford?, somone correct me if I am wrong. I guess you would be based in Safford and live there.

FlyingPirate 07-02-2009 09:12 PM

I have a very strong preference for Phoenix but if I need to go to Portland for a few months that will be ok with me. He asked if I had a preference and I told him Phoenix or Dallas but he said that either one would pretty much be impossible at the moment.

I wonder why some of us were told PHX was not available while others were told they are available.

Let me know if anyone here about the interviews in PHX.

Planewatcher 07-04-2009 02:17 AM

Originally Posted by Earl81 (Post 636682)
We don't have center stored plans anymore. The company now does it with a new software system that make it look like it's a center stored. The software files automatic every day. The company can make changes to each flight plan in house. Last I heard OAK was taking care of them.

Still not true. We have updated to AISR. Which yes the software files automatically everyday. But The center which has the Flight plans on file has to update to accept AISR, not all centers have caught up. There for they still have the center stored on file. First to update was SLC then DEN then BFI then ZLA not everyone is up to date. We have all flight plans filed on AISR as well as center stored so when the center finally updates its a smooth transition. Until then two flight planes become available for the flight the one AISR sends and the center stored one.

Wait till time changes, Remember that?

DustyRoads 07-04-2009 05:42 AM

Is Ameriflight hiring for SDF or CVG base?

250 or point 65 07-04-2009 06:23 AM

They are hiring for PDX, OAK, and maybe PHX.

DustyRoads 07-04-2009 06:44 AM

Thank you.

freightdog 07-04-2009 11:10 AM

Originally Posted by DustyRoads (Post 639293)
Is Ameriflight hiring for SDF or CVG base?

Not as of right now, and only for the 1900/SA227/Brasilia.

DustyRoads 07-04-2009 08:03 PM

Thanks, again.

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