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Wright cyclones 01-23-2017 12:23 PM

Please answer some questions about Dynamic ??
Hello..................can someone please answer a series of questions about Dynamic Aviation ISR flying please !!

I am scheduled for a prelim. phone interview with Dynamic Aviation in Virginia soon and I need some questions answered, please !!!!

A friend is pushing real hard to get me on there as I meet all there requirements, so here goes - - - - please reply !!

What type/model of King Airs are flown; former US Army square window, unpressurized surplus U8's ??? 200's, 350's, how about the DHC-8's ??? - how is maintenance; good, bad, subpar ?? pressurized and air conditioning - do the autopilots work ?? aircraft have steam gauges panels or a EFIS set-ups, Garmin or Collins or Proline 21 FMS/Nav set-up, is all flying single pilot or PIC/SIC set up.

Where is training done - - CAE-FSI, or inhouse ??

How often do you fly; 2-3-4 days on and a day off, etc, what is the average trip length ??

How do you get to/from your FOL - Forward Operating location ???, USMIL
C-130/C-17 or commercial airliner ??, or Ubanji Airways DC-3 !!!!!

Your FOL area - - clean, healthy food, water, ?? billeting - tents in the desert or on a US base, hot-cold showers, flushing bathrooms, washing machines/dryers available - clean linens, etc. ??, is internet/Skype available to talk to family ?? email available for a online college course ???, a PX for sundry purchases, how is US mail done ??

How is pay done - - direct deposit ?? when does pay begin and end ??, is there a monthly or trip pay guarantee, ?? is there a daily perdiem ?? is overtime available or you have been extended for 10 additional days, or training pay available at a higher rate or bonus ?? if you fly at your FOL for 60 days and then go home, is there a minium pay when you are off ??
are company benefits still paid ??

I do know allot about ISR flying overseas; just no information on job conditions.

A lot of questions, but please reply - - - -please, with sugar on it !!!

Wright cyclones

Otterbox 01-23-2017 02:20 PM

A lot of these sound like great questions for either your friend, or the company during your interview, the answers will likely depend on the specific contract you're hired onto.

StartUp161WanaB 01-24-2017 09:22 AM

Ask your friend ......assuming he already works there that is trying to get you "in"

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